Water Conservation at UNH

Alaina Pritchard, staff at the UNH Sustainability Academy, uses a hydration station in the MUB.

Under UNH's Biodiversity Education Initiative and EcoSystem Task Force, the university strives to conserve water and preserve its quality.


Hydration stations

  • 8 units installed in the UNH MUB
  • Units installed in the following residence halls: Stoke, Lord, Jessie Doe, Gibbs, Englehardt, Hunter, and Alexander halls
  • 2 in the Hamel Recreation Center

Low-flow Fixtures

UNH Housing users Symmons Hyda pipe shower valves with low flow shower heads, SymmonsTouch Free low flow toilet Valves, and SymmonsTouch free low flow Sink Faucets in Williamson, Christensen and Hubbard Halls.

This has a major – up to 25% – water savings in the three buildings. UNH saves 5,322 gallons of water per year.

Landscaping and Integrated Pest Management

Partial Water Bottle Ban

UNH Dining does not provide bottled water in the dining halls. Hydration stations are available for students to fill their reusable water bottles at the Memorial Union Building and several residence halls on campus. 

Stormwater management

Water treatment