Dr. Stephen Trzaskoma, , Former Culture & Sustainability Faculty Scholar

Dr. Stephen Trzaskoma, UNHSA Faculty FellowDr. Stephen Trzaskoma was the UNHSI Culture & Sustainability Initiative (CAS) Faculty Fellow.

An Associate Professor in Classics (UNH College of Liberal Arts) and Coordinator of the UNH Classics Program, as CAS Faculty Fellow Dr. Trzaskoma advances activities across curriculum, operations, research and engagement (CORE) in culture and sustainability. One of the hallmarks of UNH's sustainability efforts has always been an insistent interdisciplinarity and an unusually inclusive framework. Sustainability at UNH has never been a simple matter of saving energy or preserving an endangered species or trying to address climate change. As important as these issues are, they are merely individual facets of a larger intellectual project, and at UNH the goal has been to contextualize them all together by using perspectives and methods developed not only in the expected places—the physical and biological sciences—but also in the social sciences, the humanities, and the fine arts. In fact, UNH's starting point has not been that the Liberal Arts can contribute to these conversations, but that the Liberal Arts must contribute to them. As such, Dr. Trzaskoma's work as the UNHSA Culture & Sustainability Faculty Fellow centers on bringing the Liberal Arts more strongly into guiding the development of UNH's Culture & Sustainability Initiative and UNHSA as a whole, and over the course of 2010-2011 he will be leading conversations with faculty across the humanities and social sciences to help inform this work. He also sits on the UNHSA Collaborative Council. Dr. Trzaskoma's scholarship focuses on ancient prose fiction, mythography, Imperial Greek culture, teaching of classical languages.

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