UNH Sustainability Research Inventory

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College of Liberal Arts

Name Department Department (2nd affiliation and/or new name) Research Topics
Abrams, Eleanor Education   Ecological Literacy
Afolayan, Funso History   African history, African religions, Atlantic history, world/non-Western history
Banyard, Victoria Psychology   Psychology
Beemer, Lawrence English    Popular culture, science fiction, crime, post-structural narrative analysis, composition
Cho, Run Kyeong Education   Leadership development opportunities for early childhood (EC) professionals 
Cohn, Ellen S Psychology   Legal socialization, justice, race, jury deliberation
Dillon, Michelle Sociology   Qualitative study of economic revitalization and community change in the North Country; strengthening of community institutions, civic culture, and social capital; the regionalization of community identity and practices; factors facilitating innovation in economic development; civic participation in NH; religion, politics, and the environment in rural America; changes in attitudes among rural and urban Americans toward abortion and gay rights
Drugan, Robert Psychology   Stress, coping, resilience, vulnerability, depression, animal model, ultrasonic vocalization, anxiety, drug addiction
Edwards, Katie Psychology   Intimate partner violence (IPV) and sexual assault (SA) prevention, intervention, and policy efforts.
Feintuch, Burt English Center for the Humanities Specializing in music, ethnography, cultural revivals, public culture, New England culture and humanities
Finkelhor, David Sociology   Child victimization, child maltreatment, and family violence
Garofalo, Piero Classic Humanities and Italian Studies    
Gibson, Brett Psychology   Brain, behavior, and cognition
Grimm, Curt D Anthropology   Sustainable development and indicator research projects; evaluation activities around rural communities and development
Hamilton, Lawrence C Sociology   The Arctic, human dimensions of climatic change, environmental sociology, statistics, and data analysis
Harrison- Buck, Eleanor Anthropology   Roots of chocolate in Meso America
Honward, Sameer Education   Teaching environmental sustainability using technology and collaborative learning approaches
Howey, Meghan Anthropology   Archaeology of North America, ritual practice, non-hierarchical societies, Ethnohistory, Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Humphreys, Elizabeth P Education   The use of standardized developmental screening tools in primary care settings for children at risk for autism and other developmental disabilities.
Johnson ,Kenneth M Sociology   National and regional population redistribution trends, demographic trends in recreational areas, the impact of immigration, and the relationship between demographic and environmental change
Mair, Robert Psychology   Systems neuroscience: single neuron activity prefrontal cortex, thalamus; memory, decision making, rats
Mattingly, Marybeth J     Women, children, and family well-being; child poverty and how different family policies influence rural, suburban, and urban families and how families adjust their labor force behavior during times of economic strain; poverty-related issues, how families cope with economic distress, childhood maltreatment, and foster care across states
Onosko, Joseph Education   Social studies education, curriculum theory, and design, approaches to school reform
Potter, Sharyn Sociology   Sexual violence bystander prevention and response strategies for university, military and community settings
Pruiksma, Rose Music   Music, dance, and French identity in seventeenth-century France
Rodriguez, Lindsey Psychology   Problematic alcohol use and interpersonal relationship processes interact to influence various physical, emotional, and relational outcomes for individuals and their relationship partners
Safford, Thomas G Sociology   International political economy, organizational sociology, environmental sociology, sociology of science and technology, qualitative methods, applied sociology; leading a new partnership between Carsey and the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI), in collaboration with Native American tribes in New Mexico and Washington, to investigate emerging social and environmental problems while also developing tribal capacity to respond to these challenges.
Salyer, Lucy E History   American legal history; Modern American and Progressive era history; race, ethnicity, and immigration
Schuh, Mary Clare     Equity & Excellence Higher Ed; Family Support 360 FY09; Healthy Transitions; Inclusive Communities
Senier, Siobhan Women's studies/ English   Native American literature with a focus on New England
Sharkey, Judith A Education   Community-based participatory pedagogies; education, immigration, and citizenship; critical sociocultural approaches to language and literacies
Smith, Andrew Political Science Survey Center Evaluating health care system
Smith, Kristin E Sociology   Women’s labor force participation and work and family polic; .women’s employment, earnings, and wives’ contributions to overall family economic well-being; wives as economic providers and their labor force exits; how families cope with economic turmoil due to either economic restructuring or recessions; the low-wage caregiving workforce; and the interplay between work, family, and child care for parents and children
Sowers, Jeanne Political Science   Middle East; Egypt; environmental politics and policy; social movements; conflict and human security; climate change, energy, water
Tzraskoma, Stephen Classics, Humanities, and Italian Studies   Ancient fiction; mythography and mythology; Imperial Greek culture; textual 14 criticism; Classical reception
Turner, Heather A Sociology   Stress processes and mental health, sociology of the family, aging and life course, AIDS, survey research

College of Life Sciences and Agriculture

Name Department Department (2nd affiliation and/or new name) Research Topics
Aber, John Natural Resources and the Environment   Terrestrial ecosystem and forestry; organic dairy as an ecosystem; Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling in Forest, Ecosystems, Including Effects of Atmospheric Deposition & Climate Change
Allen, Jenica Natural Resources and the Environment   Forecasting invasion risk of terrestrial plants in the United States, linking local demography to regional species’ distributions, and the socio-ecology of invasive plants in New England.
Asbjornsen, Heidi Natural Resources and the Environment   Ecosystem Ecology, Plant Ecophysiology, and Ecohydrology; Land-Use and Climate Change Impacts; Sustainable Management of Forests and Agroecosystems.
Ashcraft, Catherine Natural Resources and the Environment   Adaptive and integrated approaches to flood risk management, institutions for managing conflict and international water diplomacy.
Atallah, Shady Natural Resources and the Environment   Integrated biological-economic models to recommend optimal strategies aimed at managing plant pests, diseases, and invasive species, over time and space, within and across land parcels.
Babbit, Kimberly Wildlife Conservation Biology   Assessment of the utility of forested buffers for protection of vernal pool-dependent amphibians,Role of amphibians in ecosystem function,Population genetics of amphibians in disturbed landscapes, Conservation ecology and population genetics of salt marsh sharp-tailed sparrows,Landscape ecology of the northern goshawk
Baker, Alan Biology   Freshwater microbial algae and photosynthetic bacteria
Berlinksy, David Biological Sciences   Black Sea Bass; Aquaculture; fish physiology; reproduction
Boettcher, Margaret S Earth Sciences   Physics of Earthquakes and Fault Slip, Rock Mechanics, Tectonics in Marine Environments, Seismology, Geophysics
Bowles, Timothy Natural Resources and the Environment   Plant-soil-microbial interactions in agroecosystems
Brito, Andre Fonseca De Biological Sciences   Organic dairy systems
Burdick, David M Natural Resources and the Environment   Baseline for North Mill Pond; Effects of Ditches on Marshes; Phragmites in the Great Marsh; Salt Marsh Restoration Perform; Ecology, Restoration and Assessment of Coastal Wetlands, with Emphasis on Salt Marshes and Seagrass Meadows
Burke, Joanne     Sustainable Food Systems
Chandler, Donald S Zoology Biological Sciences   Forest Aquatic Insect; Lepidoptera Survey Concord NH; Moth Survey Identification 2008
Chapman, Erik W Biological Sciences Natural Resources Marine Resources
Coble, Adam Natural Resources and the Environment   Leaf-, tree-, and stand-level responses to future climate warming, light availability, and water-stress, as well as understanding environmental constraints on tree establishment and survival
Congalton, Russell G Natural Resources and the Environment   Quantitative aspects of spatial data including data accuracy and error analysis, and the application of remotely sensed data and GIS to measures of environmental stress and degradation, wildlife habitat, vegetation mapping, and natural resource inventory
Davis, Thomas M Biological Sciences   Genetic analysis and manipulation of economically important plants-such as strawberry and mint.
Dickson, Ryan Biological Sciences   Plant nutrition and pH management, irrigation and water treatment, hydroponics, and sustainable production of edible and ornamental greenhouse crops.
Ducey, Mark J Natural Resources and the Environment   Calibration Carbon Change Estm; Carbon Accounting Toolkit; Crown Competition; Fuel and Fire in NH-ME forests; Northeastern Carbon Sink; Quantifying Forest Carbon; Forest Inventory, Management and Analysis
Eckert, Robert T Natural Resources and the Environment   Social ecological System Resilience, Sustainability Education, Invasive Plant Species
Erickson, Peter S Animal and Nutritional Sciences   Dairy cattle nutrition and heifer development.
Fairchild, Elizabeth A Biological Sciences   Stock enhancement; aquaculture; fisheries biology; marine ecology; hatchery reform; estuarine ecology; essential fish habitat; predator-prey interactions
Foster, Jeffrey Molecular, Cellular & Biomedical Sciences   Agriculture, Convervation, Genetics, Wildlife
Frey, Serita D Natural Resources and the Environment   Microbial Community Structure and Function in Response to Environmental Change
Guerdat,Todd Biological Sciences   Sustainable aquaculture and agricultural practices
Harris, Larry Zoology Biological Sciences Eradication of Didemnum; Sea Urchin Aquaculture; Sea Urchin Grow Out; Analysis of predator-prey associations; studies of the impact of invasive species on marine benthic communities; ecology and aquaculture of sea urchins; biodiversity
Howard, Theodore E Natural Resources and the Environment Deans Office L S & A Forest Management and Forest Industry in New England and Atlantic Canada
Jacobs, Jennifer M Environmental Sciences Civil and Environmental Engineering Climate change, water resources and infrastructure,Water resources, stream temperature, snow hydrology, ecohydrology, water allocation, Emerging technologies, remote sensing, GIS
Jones, Stephen H Natural Resources and the Environment   2008 Gulfwatch Program; 2009 Prep Estuarine Monitoring; Gulfwatch Program Management; National Coastal Assessment 2009; NH NCA Monitoring; Shellfish Sanitation Data Analysis; marine pollution; environmental microbiology and toxicology; bacterial source tracking; mercury cycling
Kovach, Adrienne I Natural Resources and the Environment   Genetic Testing for NEC; NE Cottontail monitoring; NEC connectivity in Maine; Molecular Ecology, Population Biology and Conservation Genetics of Vertebrates
Lee, Thomas D Natural Resources and the Environment   Effects of Natural and Human Disturbance, and Invasive Plants, on the Structure and Plant Species Composition of Temperate Forest Communities
Lesser, Michael P Zoology Molecular, Cellular & Biomedical Sciences Biomedical Ecology of Deep Reefs; New Ocean Resources; Physiological ecology of marine invertebrates; polar and coral reef biology and ecology
Luppold, Deborah Animal and Nutritional Sciences Cooperative Extension Food and Nutrition Specialist
Macmanes, Matthew Molecular, Cellular & Biomedical Sciences   How natural selection has acted on desert animals, allowing them to survive intense heat and extreme drought.
Manalo, Alberto Natural Resources and the Environment   Sustainable and local agriculture, rural development, Marketing of agricultural products
Margolin, Aaron B Molecular, Cellular and Biomedical Sciences   Public health and waterborne diseases
McDowell, William H Natural Resources and the Environment   Ecosystem Ecology and Watershed Management
Minocha, Subhash C Biological Sciences   Berry Brook Restoration; Fresh Creek Assessment; Mangrove Restoration, Grenada; Rare species restoration; Saltmarsh database; Restoration ecology of temperate and tropical coastal habitats; rare plant species conservation; management of aquatic invasive plants
Morrell, Jesse Agriculture,Nutrition,Food Systems   Young adult & adolescent health, obesity & metabolic health, behavioral and environmental influences on health & wellness, food and culture, using technology to engage and enhance student learning
Neefus, Christopher D Natural Resources and the Environment   Sustainable integrated aquaculture, the distribution and impact of invasive species, and the taxonomy and biogeography of marine algae
Pekins, Peter J Natural Resources and the Environment   Bioenergetics and Management of Wildlife
Pesci, Stephen T Community and Environmental Planning   Community and Environmental Planning Transportation systems, land use, energy, climate initiatives and general operations as well as the Campus Master Plan
Peterson, Julia M Natural Resources and the Environment Sea Grant Coastal Communities; NE Regional Water Program; Community Based Water Resource, Protection and Estuarine Water Quality
Pollnac, Fredric Natural Resources and the Environment   Plant invasions, Agroecology
Rehan, Sandra Biological Sciences   Animal Behavior, Comparative Genomics, Evolution, Molecular Phylogenetics, Sociobiology
Reinhold, Vernon Molecular, Cellular and Biomedical Sciences   Development and differentiation; cell adhesion and inflammation; cancer and metastasis; host-pathogen interactions in infectious diseases
Rowe, Rebecca Natural Resources and the Environment   Community ecology, historical ecology, and landscape ecology
Shattuck- Daley, Michelle Natural Resources and the Environment   Non-Point Nitrogen
Sideman, Rebecca G Molecular, Cellular and Biomedical Sciences Cooperative Extension Plant Biology Winter Sprouting Broccoli; Vegetable and small fruit crops; sustainable agriculture; crop improvement and management
Smith, Richard G Natural Resources and the Environment   Agroecology; Sustainable Agricultural Systems; Weed Ecology and Management; Invasive Plant Ecology and Management; Terrestrial Plant Community Ecology
Thomas, William K Molecular, Cellular & Biomedical Sciences   Microbiology, Genetics
Tisa, Louis S Molecular, Cellular & Biomedical Sciences   Understanding Beneficial Plant-Microbe Interactions, Signal Transduction in Symbiosis and Pathogenesis
Violette, Catherine A Animal and Nutritional Sciences   Food safety, food systems, nutrition education, nutrition education for older adults
Whistler, Cheryl A Molecular, Cellular & Biomedical Sciences   Beneficial host-microbe interactions
Whitehouse, Nancy L Agricultural Experiment Station   Dairy Nutrition
Whitney, Christopher Natural Resources and the Environment   Aquatic Biogeochemistry
Wraith, Jon Natural Resources and the Environment Dean of COLSA Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems
Wymore, John Natural Resources and the Environment   Fundamental role of dissolved organic carbon and dissolved nitrogen in freshwater ecosystems

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

Bauer,Christopher Chemistry   Educational Research in Chemistry
Bell, Erin Civil and Environmental Engineering   Structural health monitoring, bridge condition assessment, non-contact displacement measurement.
Benoit, Jean Civil Engineering   Geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, bedrock bioremedication
Berglund, Per Physics   Higgs Boson discovery
Bryce, Julia G Earth Science   Trace elemental and isotope geochemistry to time and track processes in Earth Surface and Deep Earth environments. 
Burakowski, Elizabeth Earth Sciences Earth Systems Research Center  Changes in land cover (i.e. deforestation) influence surface temperature and fluxes of energy and water.
Came, Rosemarie Earth Sciences   Paleoclimatology
Caputo, Christine Chemistry   Design and synthesis of new organic and organometallic complexes that can act as catalysts or precursors for the deveopment of new photoactive materials.
Celikkol, Barbaros Mechanical Engineering   Aquaculture; ocean engineering; Chilean fish farm
Chandran, Benjamin D G Physics   Theoretical plasma physics and theoretical astrophysics, particularly problems at the interface between these two fields.
Chen, Li-Jen Space Science Center   Investigating the evolution of electric fields and plasma structures in the diffusion regions of magnetic reconnection with applications to Earth's magnetopause and magnetotail
Chini, Gregory P Mechanical Engineering   Multiscale Ocean Mixed Layer
Clyde, William C Earth Sciences   Bighorn Basin Coring Project (BBCP), Paleocene-Eocene climatic and biotic evolution, Stratigraphic and faunal response to initial collision between India and Asia, Stratigraphy in phylogenetic analysis
Collins, Michael Robin Civil Engineering   Drinking water treatment
Daniel, Jo Sias Civil Engineering   Characterization of asphalt concrete materials, performance of flexible pavements, recycled materials, and the impact of climatic effects, specifically related to climate change on pavement structures 
Davis, John Matthew Earth Sciences   Groundwater, hydrology
Deravi, Leila Materials Science and Chemistry   Integrating the structure dependent function of self-assembling proteins and biopolymers into flexible devices for applications ranging from catalysis to wearable electronics.
Foster, Diane L Mechanical Engineering   Coastal Sediment Transport Mod
Gardner, Kevin H Civil Engineering Environmental Research Group Cocheco River; In-situ wetland treatment; environmental engineering; life cycle assessment
Ghayoomi, Majid Civil and Environmental Engineering   Geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, Seismic Soil-Structure Interaction
Goodspeed, Charles H Civil and Environmental Engineering   Investigating the performance of concrete reinforced with Fiber Reinforced Plastic, FRP, products; investigating the use of High Performance Concrete, HPC, in highway construction; developing management software packages applicable for local highway officials.
Graham, Karen J Mathematics and Statistics   Curriculum materials for prospective teachers that draw on both their specialized knowledge of mathematics for teaching as well as their general knowledge of mathematics content and students
Grandy, Andrew Stuart Civil Engineering Natural Resources Waste utlization, stabilization
Greenslade, Margaret Chemistry   Physical and Atmospheric Chemistry, Aerosol optical properties
Gupta, Nivedita Chemical Engineering   Fluid Dynamics, Microfluidics
Holtrop, Maurik W Physics   Nuclear and Particle Physics
Kinner, Nancy Civil Engineering   Coastal Response Research Ctr; bedrock bioremediation; groundwater, radon
Kinsey, Brad L Mechanical Engineering   Micromanufacturing/Microforming, Stress based Failure Criterion Evaluation
Korkolis, Yannis Mechanical Engineering   Plasticity and constitutive modeling of materials, Ductile fracture and formability. Instabilities and wrinkling.
Krzanowski, James E Mechanical Engineering   Development and fabrication of thin-film coatings
Kun, Andrew L Electrical and Computer Engineering   Speech user interfaces, pervasive computing.
Li, Linyuan Mathematics and Statistics   Wavelets in statistics and nonparametric curve estimation, Censored data and long range data analysis
Li, Gonghu Chemistry   Surface chemistry and materials chemistry to develop innovative catalysts for sustainable energy applications
Licciardi, Jospeh M Earth Science   Glacial geology and geomorphology, paleoclimatology, and volcanology
Lightbody, Anne F Civil and Environmental Engineering Natural Resources Flow and transport within surface water systems, including rivers, streams, lakes, fresh-water wetlands, and salt-water marshes
Linder, Ernst Mathematics and Statistics   Spatial Statistics, Spatial-Temporal Statistics, Bayesian Statistics, Markov Chain Monte Carlo Estimation, Environmental Statistics, Data Mining
Malley, James P Civil and Environmental Engineering   Physical-chemical and biological treatment processes for water, hazardous wastes and industrial and municipal wastewater
McConnell, Mark L Physics Space Science Center High energy astrophysics
McHugh, John P Mechanical Engineering   Fluid Mechanics, geophysical flow, stability and waves, energy and the environment
Medina, Ricardo Civil and EnvironmentalEngineering   Seismic Evaluation and Design of Nonstructural Components in Buildings, hybrid simulation, collapse assessment of structures
Miller, Glen P Chemistry   Long-lived organic semiconductors for thin-film organic electronics
Mo, Weiwei Civil and Environmental Engineering   Sustainable and resilient infrastructures, infrastructure-human-resource interdependency, water-energy nexus, complex systems modeling, life cycle assessment, system dynamics modeling
Pazicni, Samuel Chemistry   Chemistry and biochemistry of heme proteins and heme transport/sensing; exploring the structure-function relationships of heme-thiolate proteins and enzymes; application of synchrotron radiation techniques to questions in metallobiochemistry and metallophysiology.
Swift, M Mechanical Engineering   Aquaculture
Teng, Xiaowei Chemical Engineering   Nanomaterials, Fuel Cells, Catalysis
Thein, May-Win Mechanical Engineering   Dynamics of stabilized spacecraft, extraterrestrial surface exploration, space robotics,underwater vehicles and autonomous surface vehicles
Tsavalas, John G Chemistry/ Materials Science   Control of colloidal morphology in polymeric nanoparticle synthesis (encapsulation, multi-component structured latex, hollow latex, hybrid (alkyd/acrylic, PU/acrylic) latex, etc.) Dynamic modeling of colloidal interactions, film formation, & evolution of multi-phase morphology
Tsukrov, Got I Mechnical Engineering   Engineering of Closed Systems; aquaculture
White,Christopher Mechanical Engineering   Experimental Fluid Mechanics, Combustion, Energy Conversion Technologies, Alternative Energy
Wisnik, Martin M Mechanical Engineering   Fluid and thermal sciences with an emphasis on renewable energy applications, including ocean renewable energy (tidal, wave, wind), turbulent flows, high-speed hydrodynamics, cavitation, flow measurement and hydraulic modeling.
Yoon,Se Young Electrical and Computer Engineering   Robust control, nonlinear control, control applications

Space Science Center

Cramer, William Physics   Investigation of inner magnetosphere behavior during geomagnetic storms, particularly with regard to different solar wind driving conditions. Investigation of magnetotail plasma injections and ring current pressure and pitch angle anisotropy.
Embrahimi, Fatemeh Physics    
Farrugia, Charles L     the Magnetohydrodynamic flow of the solar wind around the magnetosphere
Germaschewski, Kai K     Space plasmas
Lessard, Mark Physics   Experimental space plasma physics, measurements and analysis of auroral phenomena, and rocket-borne and ground-based instruments
Lopate, Clifford Physics   Heliospheric energetic particles
Lugaz, Noe     Coronal mass ejections
Lund, Eric J     interaction between particles, plasmas, and space waves
Markovskii, Sergei     Particle acceleration and transport throughout the heliosphere, and the heating and acceleration of the solar plasma
Schwadron, Nathan A Physics   The effects of radiation, acceleration of energetic particles and cosmic rays, origins of solar and stellar winds, X-rays produced in the solar system, the boundaries of our solar system, and the local interstellar medium
Smith, Charles Physics   Plasma physics
Spence, Harlan P Physics Earth Oceans and Space Theoretical and experimental space plasma physics; cosmic rays and radiation belt processes; heliospheric, planetary magnetospheric, lunar, and auroral physics
Torbert, Roy B Physics   Space plasma physics; physics of magnetospheres, aurora, and early solar system formation
Wilson, Jody Lunar Science    
Landmark, Douglas Earth Ocean and Space   Applying EOS; Coastal Circulation Analysis; Air-sea Interaction and Ocean; Remote Sensing

Cooperative Extension

Barker, Lawrence     Youth and Family
Bennett,Karen Patricia Natural Resources and the Environment Extension Forestry Good Forestry; Forest stewardship information and educational programs for landowners, foresters, communities;Professional development opportunities for foresters and other natural resource professionals; Private forest landowners
Bradt, Shane R     Remote sensing of lake water quality; Use of GIS and GPS for community mapping; Applied GIS for watershed analysis
Covell, Darrel     Forestry, Wildlife
Cross, Charlotte W 4-H Youth Development   Family and Community Development; Adolescent Issues; and Youth Risk and Protective Factors
Eaton, Alan T Plant Biology   PRO NE Pest Mgt Network; Integrated Pest Management programs for NH growers,Food safety information and alerts; entemology
French, Charles A Natural Resources, and the Environment   Social, Economic, & Cultural Influences on Urban Gardening Practices and Outcomes, Entrepreneurship in Urban Agriculture; Sustainable Community Development and Economics
Hamilton, George W     Monitoring European Corn Borer
Krug, Brian A     Monitoring European Corn Borer
LaValley, Kenneth J     Fisheries Ext & Outreach Prog; Fisheries Extension; Fishing Fear ID System; Shrimp Selectivity Project; Shrimp Technology Transfer; Commercial fishing gear; Commercial fishing safety; Collaborative research between scientists and fishermen; sustainable local fisheries
Linehan, Thomas Youth and Family   Designing, implementing and evaluating in-service training for early childhood, human service & education professionals
Majewski, Carl L     Assessing Pasture Blends in NE
Majewski, Carl L     Assessing Pasture Blends in NE
Smith, Cheryl A Biological Science   UNH Plant Diagnostic Lab; plant pathogens, stress-related problems, and insect pests
Stone, Amanda J Lindley Land and Water Conservation Program   NH Wetlands Mapper; NROC Coordination and Delivery; Saving Special Places
Tarr, Matthew D Forestry and Wildlife   Critical Habitats; Ext Wildlife Training & Info; Extension Wildlife; Land Management for Timber, Wildlife Habitat, Water Resources, Recreation and Aesthetics
Wiley, Mark R NH Sea Grant   GBCW Monitor Water Quality;GBCW WQ & Phyto Monitoring; Marine and coastal environmental programs; Coastal policy issues; Marine science education
Wilner,Seth     Water quality, soil fertility, nutrient management, environmental stewardship, land use planning and community development issues


Institute for Earth, Oceans, and Space

Braswell, Brad     Terrestrial carbon cycle modeling; Interannual variability of the global carbon cycle; Physical aspects of satellite remote sensing; Land cover mixture and change analysis; Inverse modeling and data assimilation techniques; Applications of Bayesian neural networks.
Contesta, Alexandra Earth Systems Research Center Terrestrial Ecosystem Analysis Laboratory Soil trace gas emissions and biogeochemical cycling, with a focus on beneath-snow processes.
Galvin, Antoinette B     Solar wind composition, including charge states and relative abundances during different types of solar wind flows 
Kalnejais, Linda Earth Sciences   Oceanography 
Martin, Mary Earth Systems Research Center   Forest Health & Remote Sensing; Forest Structure; Mich & Wisconsin forests; New England forest health; regional soil database; forest ecosystem analysis/remote sensing 
Olliger, Scott V Natural Resources and the Enviornment Complex Systems Research Center Forest Ecology and Biogeochemistry,Effects of Climate Change and Air Pollution, Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling, Ecosystem Modeling, Remote Sensing and Regional Ecological Analysis 
Palace, Michael W Earth Science   Vegetation dynamics, landscape ecology, remote sensing, and geospatial science 
Pringle, James M Earth Science   Physical oceanography 
Rubin, Fay A nbsp;   Derry Wetlands Mapping; GRANIT 08; Wildlife Sightings
Schloss, Annette L nbsp;   Digital earth watch
Sive, Barkley C Climate Change Research Center   Atmospheric chemistry
Varner, Ruth K     Biogeochemistry
Vasquez, Bernard J Physics   Solar wind, waves, discontinuities, ion kinetics, and numerical simulations.
Xiao, Jingfeng Earth Systems Science Center   Remote sensing, terrestrial carbon cycle, ecological modeling, vegetation dynamics, land cover/land use change, disturbances, and human-environment interactions
Ziervogel, Kai Ocean Process Analysis Lab   Heterotrophic microbial cycling of organic matter in the ocean


College of Health and Human Services

Bimbo, Linda Institute on Disability   Developmental and psychiatric disabilities in the community
Caron, Rosemarie Health Management & Policy   Multi-disciplinary nature of public health, as well as her own comprehensive professional experiences. Currently, Caron is working on projects aimed at undergraduate and graduate public health education; chronic disease prevention; childhood lead poisoning; academic-community partnerships; risk communication; disease ecology; environmental health; college student health; and emerging infectious disease preparedness and policy; and public health workforce competencies.
Craig, Patricia J Recreation Policy and Management   Therapeutic recreation 
Kazura Human Develoment and Family Studies    Children's social and emotional development, preschoolers' understanding of conflict resolution, mother-child and father-child attachment relationships, and children at-risk due to incarceration.
Sharp, Erin Family Studies   Adolescent development and emerging adulthood, with a focus on activity involvement as a context for the development of identity and future perspective; parental, family, and broader contextual influences on adolescent development; prevention research and theory from a positive youth development perspective


Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics

Barber, Nelson Hospitality Mangement   Environmental consumers; Food and Beverage Management; Consumer Behavior and Decision Theory (demand side research); International Wine Marketing Research and Education
Earle, Andrew Strategic Management   Innovation, extra-organizational levels of analysis including, networks, eco-systems, and communities.
Goldberg, Michael D Economics   Imperfect knowledge economics
Houtenville, Andrew James Economics   Economics of Disability, Disability Statistics, Economics of Education, Public Finance, Labor Economics, and Applied Econometrics
Kalargyrou, Valentini Hospitality Mangment   Diversity and disability issues in the workplace
Mohr, Robert Economics   Environmental Economics
Talay, Melike Marketing   i) the antecedents and consequences of new product development and innovation processes of a firm, ii) the dynamics of perceived and objective quality of products and brands, and iii) international marketing strategy and performance of firms.
Wilson, Fiona Social Innovation    


Earth Systems Research Center

Deng, Jia     Biosphere atmosphere exchange of C, N gases (NH3, N2O, NOx, CH4, CO2) in terrestrial ecosystems
Dibb, Jack Earth Science   Chemistry of precipitation; Tropospheric Chemistry/Air-Snow Exchange
Frolking, Stephen E Earth Science   Global Irrigation; understanding of the Earth system; biogeochemical modeling
Hobbie, Erik A     Ca and Mg Biogeochemistry; Carbon Allocation Mycorrhizal; Fungal Evolution; Organic Nitrogen Cycling; Pine Savannas; Symbiosis Fungi REU; terrestrial ecology
Komurcu, Bayrajtar     Impacts of Climate Change on Regional Sustainability, High Resolution Climate Modeling and Dynamical Downscaling to Assess Regional Impacts of Climate Change.
Lammers, Richard B     Land-surface hydrology
Milliman, Thomas Edward     Remote Sensing
Mineau, Madeline     Aquatic ecosystem ecologist and I study the effects of human disturbance on carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus cycling in stream and river systems
Mao, Huiting Climate Change Research Center   Mercury Cycling
Mulukutla, Goal     Ocean Engineering, Oceanography, hydrology
Ouimette, Andrew     Carbon and nitrogen cycling dynamics in forest ecosystems
Prusevich, Alexander     Minerology, Geology, Geochemistry
Routhier, Michael Rene     GIS and Remote Sensing
Thorn, Alexandra     Sustainability, resilience, land management, urban planning, and stakeholder engagement.
Treuhalft, Robert     Remote Sensing for large scale estimation of terrestrial net primary prodyction
Treuhalft, Robert Earth Science   Remote Sensing for large scale estimation of terrestrial net primary prodyction
Twickler, Mark     Climatology 
Vadeboncoeur, Matthew     Nutrient acquisition and resource allocation processes, as well as how these processes interact with land-use, management, and disturbance history to affect cycles of water, nutrients, carbon, and energy in forest ecosystems.  
Wake, Cameron P     Regional climate change through the analysis of ice cores records and historical and instrumental data 
Zuidema,Shantar     Regional climate change through the analysis of ice cores records and historical and instrumental data 


Carsey Institute of Public Policy

Ayutar, Semra A Health Management & Policy   Relationships between policy, environment, and systems change to promote healthy behaviors and prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. She is particularly interested in health disparities and in relationships between land use, transportation, and environmental policies which affect access to health- promoting resources.
Carson, Jessica     Vulnerable Families research
Ettlinger, Michael     Developing new academic programs
Foreman, Maria     Policy and International Development, Environmental Economics, Applied Econometrics
Holt-shannon,Michele     Civic engagement, community problem-solving, and building coalitions for community change efforts
Maddocks, William O     Sustainable microfinance and development program
Swack, Michael E Economics   Building scale in the nonprofit community development sector, innovations in community development finance, microfinance, and new models of social enterprise; economic development, finance, and development banking

School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering

Alexander ,Lee Center for Coastal & Ocean Mapping/Joint Hydrographic Center   Electronic Charting, e-Navigation, Hydrography
Beaudoin, Jonathon D Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping   Examination of oceanographic databases
Butkiewicz, Thomas Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping   visual analysis of 4D dynamic ocean simulations
Calder, Brian R Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping   error modeling, propagation and visualization, and adaptive sonar backscatter modeling
Chambers, Michael D     Aquaculture
Dijkstra, Semme J Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping   Applications of single-beam sonars for seafloor characterization, small object detection and fisheries habitat mapping.
Divins, David Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping   Ocean and Seafloor Mapping, Sedimentology, Methan Hydrates
Feng, Hui Ocean Process Analysis Lab    
Glass, Christopher Ocean Process Analysis Lab   Animal Behavior and marine biology
Gregory, Thomas     Ocean Processes
Grizzle, Raymond Zoology Biological Sciences Oyster ecology, restoration and aquaculture, Intergrated multi-trophic aquaculture, benthic ecology, bivalve mollusks, seafloor habitat mapping, including remote sensing and underwater viodeography
Johnson, Joel Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping Earth Sciences Marine geology, Quaternary sedimentology & stratigraphy
Jonsson, Bror Ocean Process Analysis Lab   The temporal and spatial scales of coastal ocean acidification, The temporal and spatial scales on which different processes control biological production in a continuum from land to the open ocean.
Jordon, Carolyn E Ocean Process Analysis Lab   Geostationary Coastal and Air Pollution Events satellite 
Langan, Richard CICEET   Marine science and policy, especially developing new research initiatives, Aquaculture, Coastal management
Lippman, Thomas C Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping   Shallow water oceanography, hydrography, and bathymetric evolution in coastal waters spanning inner continental shelf, surf zone, and inlet environments
Lippman, Thomas C Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping   Shallow water oceanography, hydrography, and bathymetric evolution in coastal waters spanning inner continental shelf, surf zone, and inlet environments
Litvaitis, Marian Zoology and Conservation Biology   Invertebrate Zoology, Phylogeography, Population genetics, Systematics
Miksis- Olds, Jennifer Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping   "Ocean Acoustics, Marine Biology, Biological Oceanography, Ocean Engineering "
Moore, Timothy Ocean Process Analysis Lab   Observing biological processes is in lakes and oceans through bio-optics and remote sensing
Pe'eri, Shack Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping   Marine cartography and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Rouillard, Rachel      Piscataqua Region Estuarine Partnership (GIS)
Rzhanov, Yuri Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping    Underwater imaging, image mosaicing, stereo reconstruction, laser line scan data processing
Salisbury, Joseph Ocean Process Analysis Lab    Net Ecosystem Metabolism; Organic Productivity Dynamics; oceanography; biogeochemistry
Seavey, Jennifer      Landscape ecology, climate change, coastal ecology, ornithology
Short, Frederick T Natural Resources   Seagrass ecology and restoration, global seagrass mapping and monitoring, eelgrass stressors including nitrogen loading, physical impacts and climant change
Watson, Winsor H Biological Sciences   Neurobiology, behavior and physiology of marine animals (lobsters, nudibranches, fish and horseshoe crabs), biotelemetry, biological rhythms
Watts, Allison Civil and Environmental Engineering   NH Stormwater Center, contaminant transport, and integrated watershed management
Weber, Thomas C Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping   Rockfish Assessment

Sustainability Institute

Kelly, Tom     Food Solutions New England; NH Farm to School; Natl Citizen Technology Forum
Nelson, Miriam     Food policy, public health, and civic engagement
Tichenor, Nicole     Food system sustainability, agricultural policy and food security

Institute on Disability

Dornblut, Sönke     Assistive technology and on accessible transportation for people with disabilities and others who do not drive, especially in rural areas.
Drum, Charles E     Health Disparities Disability and Rehabilitation Research, public health
Habib, Daniel J     Inclusion of students with disabilities
Malloy, Joanne M     Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) and School Mental Health
Sonnenmeier, Rae M     Communication patterns of young children on the autism spectrum, early identification of young children at-risk for an autism spectrum disorder or other developmental delays, the design of technologies and other supports for communication to support students’ learning of the general education curriculum, including literacy skills.


Dean, Paul H UNH Police   Campus Safety, crime statistics and prevention
Gordon, Daniel P Upward Bound   Director of a program that helps eligible high school students attend higher education.
Hale, Stephen ULeitzel Center   Advancing science
Johnson, Erica Ann InterOperability Laboratory   Technical skills to train the workforce’s next generation of engineers, promoting and embodying the advancement of women in the sciences
Judd, Stephen G Ext Computer Office   How the web and online networks can be used to foster learning and professional development.
McCabe, Margaret UNH Law   Sustainable agriculture, food choices, nutrition, and economic and social well-being, Food Solutions New England, Sustainble Food Systems Task Force
Messer, Patrick Research computing center   IT security, Data Management Services
Schwartz, Amy USNH Partnerships and Shared Services   Developing and maintaining collaborative, working relationships for innovative and strategic program development with all USNH campuses
Stapelton, Jane Gerard Prevention Innovations Research Center   Evaluation of the US Army Sexual Harassment/Assault Response Prevention (SHARP) training programs, funded by the US Department of Defense; evaluation technical assistance to New Hampshire Rape, Prevention and Education (RPE) grantees, funded by the Centers for Disease, Control and Prevention; and evaluation of Circles of Safety, a Stop It Now! bystander intervention curriculum to stop child sexual abuse on university campuses, funded by the Paterno family foundation. 
Tiemman, Lisa Soil Biogeochemistry and Fertility Lab Biological Sciences Soil ecology, biogeochemistry, and ecosystem science
Van Diepen, Linda Soil Microbiology Ecology lab Natural Resources Global warming and forest soil microbiomes
Wollheim, Wilfred M Compex Systems Research Center Natural Resources Hydrological systems, with emphasis on the unique role of humans as agents of change