Sustainability Fellowships


**COVID-19 & Summer Programs**

We remain committed to finding a way to run our summer programs, even if it is NOT business-as-usual. We want to support the professional development of our students and offer applied learning opportunities to increase sustainability across the region. This may mean that the Fellowships/Internships will get adapted so they can be conducted remotely, and in-person events (i.e. Orientation, Final Showcase, etc.) will be done “virtually.” We can creatively leverage technology to continue to provide the type of mentoring and training that is a hallmark of our programs.  We are committed to working together with all students and host partners to figure out how to ensure high quality learning experiences and high impact outcomes.

We are reaching out to all host organizations to confirm their commitment to hosting a Fellow/Intern for the summer, and to work with each to create alternate plans should projects need to be completed remotely. In the event that any host partners are no longer able to participate, we will be in touch with the students associated with those projects as soon as possible (and no later than April 6th). If you find you are uncertain of your ability to participate in the program this summer, please reach out to let us know.


UNH Sustainability Fellowships pair exceptional students from across the U.S. with Host partners in New England to work on transformative sustainability initiatives that lead to integrated solutions.

Sustainability Fellows, mentored by the UNH team and dedicated individuals from our partner organizations, undertake challenging site-specific summer projects,  achieve high-impact results, and receive a competitive stipend for their contributions. Since 2008, 162 students have participated in the Sustainability Fellowship program - they are now working in a variety of sectors across the U.S.

The 2019 Sustainability Fellows Program at UNHSI has been made possible thanks to the generosity of its supporters, including the Jane’s Trust Foundation, Josephine A. Lamprey,  the Thomas W. Haas Donor Advised Fund of NHCF, and alumni and friends of the program.  


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