Sustainable Student Life

Sustainable Student Life

Download our student sustainability tips

Step one: Getting to campus and moving in!

Set up your room. Check out our virtual energy efficient residence hall room for how to easily deck your dorm or apartment out with energy saving electronics and lighting.

Before hitting up the big box stores, visit the annual UNH Trash-2-Treasure yard sale for your room essentials. They've even put together a mock dorm room with items from their donations at move out!

Step two: Choose classes or programs in sustainability

Paul College, walking to class

If you're coming here, or have already been here, you know that UNH has some of the best sustainability programs out there. Browse through our class and programs listings to explore programs or electives you might be interested in taking while you're here. Whether it's nature writing or environmental engineering, there's a class for everyone!

Step three: Get involved!

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Whether your interests are in food, divestment, social justice, or waste reduction, there is a club for you at UNH.

Check out our student organizations page, where you'll find links to the org's facebook or Wildcat Link page, see what they do, and be able to contact them about their first meeting and getting involved! 

Get involved in UNH Unplugged, an energy use reduction competition held on the UNH Durham campus each year. The major goal is to engage students living on campus in activities that reduce their ecological footprints - in particular, energy use. Compete for prizes and recognition while saving energy and emissions!

Step four: LIVING on campus

waiting for the bus

Getting around

WildCAT Transit provides busses that will take you all over campus and beyond! Campus connector will get you from your apartment down to class, and WildCat busses run from Campus out to Portsmouth, Dover, Newmarket and most recently Rochester. There's no need to have a car while you attend UNH.

Like to bike? Visit UNH Transportation Services at the UNH Visitor's Center near A-lot, show your UNH ID, and borrow a blue Cat Cycle - for free! Then happily ride all over campus knowing that you are improving your health and our air quality.

Join UNH Wildcat Rides on Facebook to ride share with others!

Conserve Energy

Small actions make a big difference. There are a lot of people on this campus and if everyone shut off their lights and appliances, and unplugged unused items, the savings would add up to significant numbers.

  • Get a powerstrip for your room so your laptop, phone charger, lamp and other items can all be shut off and not draw phantom energy while you're out of the room. Plus, it's just one switch to shut them all down!
  • Turn off lights when you leave the room. - this includes classrooms and other rooms on campus!! If you're leaving a room empty, shut off the lights, projectors, and anything else that was running.
  • Use natural lighting - read or work near windows or outside when you can.

Conserve water

Tips on water conservation:

  • Refill a reusable water bottle in water fountains and Hydration Stations across campus. And bring a reusable mug to get your Fair Trade coffee.
  • Only wash full loads of clothes, and wash with lukewarm or cold water, not hot.
  • Turn off the water while you brush your teeth.
  • Take shorter showers, and turn the shower off while you scrub. (You can turn it back on to rinse.)
  • When washing dishes by hand, use a sink full of water instead of running water. If you use a dishwasher, only run full loads and use any energy or water efficiency settings available.
  • Don't dump anything down sewer drains or kitchen and bathroom sinks. What you dump reaches our watershed, including local rivers like College Brook and Oyster River and ultimately Great Bay! 
  • Report any leaks and drips in sinks, showers, and toilets to your Hall Director or to UNH Facilities Maintenance at 862-1437.


You know the drill. Don't use your blue UNH recycling bin for trash. All of UNH is what's called "Single Stream" Which means it's easier for you! Everything recycleable goes in the same bin!

  • Don't put recycling in plastic bags!! it contaminates the pick up load and if there's too many they have to take it to the landfill

When you can, please speak to other students about the importance of recycling, and if you see someone throwing away recyclables or putting trash in recycling bins, please speak up. 

Eat local and organic

Lou walking to Holloway Commons dining hall

It's easy to do at any of our dining halls. From July to October, shop at the UNH Organic Garden Club Farm Stand and Durham Farmer's Market. And don't forget the annual Local Harvest Feast each fall!

Printing, copying, and scanning:

  • If you need to print, print on 100% recycled paperUNH Printing has options.
  • Print double-sided.
  • Use single-sided paper for scrap.
  • Purchase 100% recycled paper for your office.
  • Scan instead of photocopying:
    • Dimond Library offers a free scanning service. Faculty, staff, and students can use a KIC II scanning station -- located next to the photocopier outside the Addison Reading Room -- to scan paper documents.
    • Questions about the scanner can be directed to the Dimond IT Support Center staff.

Move out sustainably

Donate furniture, electronics, clothing, non-perishable food, and more, through Trash-2-Treasure.