Dr. Siobhan Senier, Former Culture & Sustainability Faculty Scholar

Dr. Siobhan Senier, UNHSA Culture & Sustainability Faculty FellowDr. Siobhan Senier was a UNHSI Culture & Sustainability Initiative (CAS) Faculty Fellow during academic years 2011-2013. In this role, she provided leadership to engage the University community in efforts to bring the knowledge and creative inquiry of the liberal arts and humanities to bear on sustainability. Specifically, she

Associate Professor of English, Dr. Senier's teaching and research interests include Native American Studies, Sustainability Studies, Digital Humanities, American literature, and Women's Studies. She is the author of Voices of American Indian Assimilation and Resistance (2001), as well as essays in such journals as American Literature, New England Quarterly, American Indian Quarterly, and Studies in American Indian Literatures.  Dawnland Voices: An Anthology of Writing from Indigenous New England, a collection she authored with a dozen regional Native writers and historians, is forthcoming from the University of Nebraska Press. Currently, Dr. Senier holds the UNH Center for the Humanities Hayes Chair, which supports the annual Indigenous New England Conference and the website Writing of Indigenous New England. For more information, consult Dr. Senier's blog at indiginewenglandlit.wordpress.com.


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