Tiffany Rowin

Tiffany Rowin

How does sustainability fit into the positive and respectful community life that UNH Residential Life strives to create in residence halls?

Sustainability doesn’t just fit into the positive and respectful community life of the residential halls, it is a prime of example of it. Being sustainable in our daily lives means being aware of the actions we are taking and making the best decisions we can around the use (and nonuse) of our natural resources and our environment. By being more aware students and staff are more respectful of the community and of the impact that their actions can have in general and on a larger scale then the resident halls.

What role can students play in helping to advance sustainability in the halls and around campus?

Students can play a positive role in advancing sustainability in the halls and around campus by remembering that, although some of our gestures might seem small, the cumulative impacts can be large. So turn off your lights when you leave the room, use the recycling bins for recycling, shop locally, etc. Basically be the example and don’t be afraid to challenge friends and roommates to do the same.

What motivates you personally to be involved in sustainability?

Thinking about the little things. By this I mean thinking about what small parts of my everyday life I would like to be able to continue enjoying without having to worry about them disappearing or changing. This means things like walking in local, state, and national parks to enjoy the changing seasons, clear views from mountain tops, being able to go to the store and buy local maple syrup, fruits, and vegetables, the sound of snow crunching under my feet, and many other things.


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