Spencer Montgomery '14

Spencer Montgomery

Major in Nutritional Sciences

Tell us about Slow Fish and your recent travel. Why did you get involved?

Slow Fish is an international campaign by Slow Food that aims to support artisanal fishermen, promote "under-loved" species of fish, and build community around good, clean, and fair seafood. Recently I travelled to Italy to represent the United States at a Slow Food Youth Network conference that joined together young leaders from 20 different countries! In a southern region of Italy known as Puglia, I explored open-air fish markets and discovered a rich food culture where fishermen are visible and esteemed by their community.

How does your interest in slow food and local fisheries connect with your studies at UNH, and what do you hope to do post-graduation?

I feel extremely empowered by UNH’s commitment to begin purchasing local seafood for its dining halls. This demonstrates UNH Dining’s commitment to its students, as well as the livelihood of wild fisheries in New Hampshire. After graduation, I will help to materialize Slow Fish in the USA, with the goal of inspiring other young adults around the country to shift university purchasing.

What motivates you personally to be involved in sustainability?

Eating is pleasure – how could anyone not be motivated by that? Eating is also a political act that affects every limb of sustainability. We all eat every day, so why not slow down to enjoy a meal with our loved ones? Let’s cherish the stories behind the ingredients that compose our meals. This is a tasty revolution!