Rebecca Lehr '09

Rebecca Lehr

How have you helped UNH's Energy Task Force (ETF) develop WildCAP, the University's Climate Action Plan?

I have sat on the Energy Task Force (ETF) for the last year and have taken two independent study courses with Dr. Cameron Wake working on WildCAP.  For my senior capstone course I did an indepth analysis of eight projects or policies for the plan, gathering and researching decision-relevant information. I also helped set up a template for WildCAP action write-ups to ensure organized research and a uniform style across all WildCAP write-ups.

What do you hope to do with your UNH degree after graduation?

I hope to get into the environmental field either in a lab position or possibly in environmental education.  I am very interested in continuing with climate action plans and with climate change and sustainability research and education.       

What motivates you personally to be involved in sustainability?

My grandfather started the recycling transfer station in my hometown, and my family has always considered practices for a more efficient home and recycling, so it’s something that I've been involved in but didn't put the name sustainability to until college. It really makes sense to me to use our resources efficiently and wisely for a lesser impact today and tomorrow.


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