Margaret McCabe

Margaret McCabe

Professor of Law and Associate Dean of Academic Administration and Special Projects at UNH Law

UNHSI Food & Society Faculty Scholar

Why is law so important when thinking about our food system?

Our food system is largely shaped by federal law — whether the Farm Bill or the Food Safety Modernization Act. Systems solutions will require revision of laws, and so it is essential that lawyers are part of the conversation from the start. 

What do you do as chair of the Sustainable Food System Task Force?

My primary goal is to bring colleagues from across the university with an interest in food systems — whether curriculum, operations, research, or engagement — together to think about how we can position the university and its students to be leaders in building more sustainable food systems.

What motivates you personally to be involved in sustainability?

I feel that I am very fortunate to have had the privilege of a good education and feel that I can contribute to positive change through a commitment to teaching, scholarship, and engagement focused on sustainable food systems. Sustainability, whether in food systems, ecosystems, climate, or culture, offers the opportunity to problem solve in a way that ensures fairness, justice, and equity for people. What better motivation is there? 

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