Laura Joseph '11

Laura Joseph

Tell us about this year's Energy Waste Watch Challenge. What's one simple thing we can do on campus to save energy?

This year we will be competing in the Campus Conservation Nationals, running from November 1 to 19, against other colleges and universities in the nation to see who can reduce their energy and water usage the most. One simple thing we can do to save energy is turning off and unplugging -- or “powering down” -- unused appliances day or night.  

Why should students get involved in the Ecological Advocates?

We are a small group looking to make a huge impact on our campus. Our focus is geared towards fostering student sustainable behavior, and we are always looking for new members to bring in new energy and ideas!  

What motivates you personally to be involved in sustainability?

Ultimately, I am motivated by hope: hope that individual and collective action can bring about true sustainable change and hope that we can renew our ecological consciousness to create a relationship of respect, reverence, and stewardship for our planet.


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