Kate Donald

Kate Donald

How did your work at the University Office of Sustainability (UOS) influence your work as a NH farmer and visa versa?

When I'm at the farm, I'm focused on the physical work of growing food. While I love this work, it's also important to me that I feel connected to the community beyond the farm and that I understand how my decisions as a small-scale vegetable grower fit into a larger context. At UOS, I constantly had new opportunities to connect with people working on different aspects of the food system and participate in innovative, collaborative projects. 

Why is buying and eating locally grown foods so central to sustainability?

Every day, we have an opportunity to vote with our food dollars. When we shop at the farmers' market, buy from local farmers, and choose to support food producers who share our values, we are taking steps to create a healthier, more localized, and more resilient food system.  Since we all need to eat every day, I think it's worth taking our food choices seriously. If we all shift some of our spending toward local, organic, and humanely-produced food options, imagine the impact we will have!

What motivates you personally to be involved in sustainability?

I'm drawn to the concept of the "commons" and the idea that we each have a responsibility to take care of our shared resources - including our land, our community, and our collective well-being.  I find it motivating to work in collaboration with others, combining people's energy and ideas, and building positive momentum toward a common goal.

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