Jessica Fish

Jessica Fish

How does race and ethnic studies intersect with sustainability?

Our classes and minors are a great example of cultural sustainability in action. Our students through the lenses of restorative and social justice think critically about power structures which impact access to resources (intellectual, cultural, environmental) and their distribution.

What do you do as coordinator of the UNH Race and Ethnic Studies Minors?

I advocate for and promote the Africana and African American Studies, Race, Culture, and Power, and American Studies minors on campus. I advise our students, support our faculty, and work to create community around the programs.

What motivates you personally to be involved in sustainability?

I came to the concept of sustainability through food via my best friend who is an organic farmer. Through her I've gotten my hands dirty and become personally committed to environmental stewardship, thanks Joanne! I believe in organic farming and gardening as a way to bring communities together, to empower individuals, and as a pathway to lifelong health.


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