Evan Girard '13

Evan Girard

What is the main goal of the Real Food Challenge?

The goal of the Real Food Challenge is to receive the written commitment of college and university presidents and directors of dining operations, including here at UNH, to engage students, faculty, and staff in steadily increasing procurement of "real" food --- local and community-based, Fair Trade, organic, humanely-produced and/or sustainably harvested. In doing so, college and university dining services will continue to be innovative leaders in the university dining services industry. If UNH signed, we would join eleven universities and colleges, including University of Vermont, that have pledged support of a just and sustainable food system.

What's new with Slow Food UNH?

With a mission of preserving and revitalizing food culture, Slow Food UNH (SFUNH) incorporates diverse interests and perspectives to continue to grow as an inspired, energized, and ambitious student organization that actively and effectively contributes to the development of a culture of sustainability here on campus and throughout the Seacoast community. As part of the burgeoning international Slow Food Youth Network (SFYN), SFUNH and the Slow Food on Campus chapters will be joining students and young farmers, cooks, artisans, activists and eaters as SFYN USA to build greater collective momentum to redesign the food system into one that is "good, clean and fair" for all.

What motivates you personally to be involved in sustainability?

I know that food is an agent that all people, despite differences, can use to feel connected and truly appreciative. I'm motivated by that fact and the incredible feeling of comfort and joy every single time I recognize that I am part of a community whose work is deeply rooted in hope for positive change and a livable future. If together we fall or triumph, our hug will be unbreakable.


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