Dwain Lozier

Dwain Lozier

In your role at UNH Housing, how do you think you can educate students on sustainability?

I think by our actions. Housing has been a leader in migrating to more sustainable methods and products, but we haven’t done a very good job informing our residents. I would welcome all suggestions.  

Why is UNH Housing installing “hydration stations” in residence halls on campus?

It was so easy really. We had old inefficient bubblers that needed replacement and when the hydration stations became available it just was the smart thing to do.

What is the next step for UNH Housing in furthering sustainability?

We continue looking for new products and methods to reduce our overall impact, such as recycling/repurposing our room furniture. Stephen Luber is working this summer to repair and refinish locally some of our pieces for reuse.

What motivates you personally to be involved in sustainability?

I still hold onto this absurd idea that we could and should live as Thoreau did at Walden. There is no waste in nature, and I think that is beautiful.


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