Dr. Tom Kelly

Tom Kelly

How did UNH first become committed to being a sustainable learning community?

Sustainability at UNH began with the grassroots leadership of faculty, students, and staff, which lead to the establishment of the Sustainability Academy (formerly the Office of Sustainability Program and the University Office of Sustainability) as an endowed, university-wide program in 1997. UNH has always recognized its unique responsibility to the state and region. Its commitment to sustainability extends this vision to future generations and to national and international issues as the university undertakes the purposeful reform of its cultural and ecological relationships with the broader world in a manner consistent with sustaining the foundations of human development.

After 10 years of success, what do you envision for the next 10 years at UNH?

We will build on our past decade of collaborative work in order to address the unprecedented challenge of sustainability with innovative curriculum, campus operations, research, and engagement that empowers all graduates to advance sustainability in their civic and professional lives.

What motivates you personally to be involved in sustainability?

My motivation is rooted in a sense of responsibility and obligation to community in all senses of the word, including future generations. Freedom and responsibility are inseparable.


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