David Kaye - Profile in Sustainability

David Kaye

Department of Theatre & Dance

Many people think of sustainability as encompassing just the sciences. How do you describe the unique relationship between culture and sustainability? 

A sustainable future requires us to ask a fundamental question: what do we really need to live a good life? This is, at its core, a cultural question. Until we truly delve into this answer, a sustainable future will be hard to imagine.

How do you integrate sustainability into your scholarship? 

Much of my work centers on provoking people to examine their actions and behaviors. Ultimately, the goal of achieving a  truly sustainable future will be achieved through a critical mass of individuals who, through the process of self-reflection, have made a decision that their actions will help achieve that objective.  

What motivates you personally to be involved in sustainability? 

Through my work in Social Justice Theatre, I was forced to ask myself the questions I mentioned above. That led me personally to my response to the second question. Thus, I am taking action!

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