Student Move Out Recycling

UNH Trash-2-Treasure

For up-to-date information, please visite Their website.

In an effort to reduce UNH’s impact on landfills, the UNH Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC) initiated Trash 2 Treasure (T2T) in 2011 to collect the non-clothing and food items students throw away each year, storing it all over the summer, and  holding a large 3-day yard sale during move-in weekend to sell items back to students.

Members of SEAC have been working on developing this program since May of 2010. They spent a lot of time early on getting permission to do the program from numerous departments on campus, figuring out what our options were for what we could and could not do, and doing the research to develop a basic proposed budget and outline for our program. They applied for a number of grant programs and in December, 2010 we were awarded with a grant from the Parents Association for $4000. Since that point they have been organizingdrop off locations, volunteers, advertising and outreach, and other fundraising initiatives.



In May, the drop-off locations will be open on campus. For more information on drop-off locations and what you can donate, click the links above that say “drop – off locations” and “what you can donate”.

Trash 2 Treasure will be renting trucks to go around on a number of days to pick items up from the drop-off locations as well as to scour the dumpster areas around dormitories and apartments for discarded items. They will have a specific schedule of times and dates for when we will be using this truck, and will also be looking for people to drive around and collect items in their own trucks during days when we won’t be using the large truck.


Storing the Stuff over the Summer

All food collected will be donated to food shelters in the area.  For everything else, Trash 2 Treasure has 4 large storage locations on campus and off.

During the process of storing items we will be looking for volunteers to help move and sort furniture, catalogue items and figure out a pricing system. The group will also be looking for people who are interested in cleaning or restoring furniture or fixing broken electronics.


The Yard Sale

The yard sale will take place during move-in weekend in August.

Please check their website for current yard sale location, date, time and other important information!


Delivery Service

If you live on campus or in the surrounding communities, T2T will be organizing a delivery service for purchased items. Due to the no vehicles policy, any item that you cannot carry back to your dorm or apartment with you; T2T will deliver to you after 5pm each day. As always, volunteers needed and welcome!



All leftover items will be donated to local charities and thrift shops.