Dr. Sheila McNamee, Former Culture & Sustainability Faculty Scholar

Dr. Sheila McNamee, UNHSI Faculty FellowDr. Sheila McNamee is a UNHSI Culture & Sustainability Initiative (CAS) Faculty Fellow. In this role, she provides leadership to engage the University community in efforts to bring the knowledge and creative inquiry of the liberal arts and humanities to bear on sustainability. Specifically, she co-chairs the UNH Culture and Sustainability Task Force.

In 2008, Dr. McNamee worked with the Sustainability Institute as New Hampshire was one of six states to host a group of local citizens to discuss recent technological advances in nanoscience and nanotechnology that might lead to significant enhancements of human mental, emotional, and physical abilities. This effort to increase public participation in and guidance of scientific and technological research and development was part of a national research effort being undertaken by a network of universities under the leadership of the Center for Nanotechnology and Society at Arizona State University, which had been funded in conjunction with the National Nanotechnology Initiative. The coordinating institution for this particular citizens’ conference activity was North Carolina State University. Other participant institutions included UC-Berkeley, University of Wisconsin–Madison, Georgia Tech, and the Colorado School of Mines. The goal of this project was to learn background information, formulate opinions, pose questions to a range of experts, and make recommendations in a report about the impacts and consequences of human enhancement technologies. The recommendations were widely circulated to government, industry, and to the general public.

Professor of Communication, Dr. McNamee's teaching and research interests include transformative dialogue in communities, education, health, and organizations. She teaches courses on interpersonal communication, the psychology of communication, family communication, dialogue and teamwork, communication and healthcare, and mediation.


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