Margaret Sova McCabe - UNHSI Food & Society Faculty Fellow

UNH Law & Sustainability Academy Faculty Fellow Margaret McCabeMargaret McCabe is a UNHSI Faculty Fellow in Food & Society (FAS). In this role, she provides leadership to engage the University community in efforts to advance sustainable
agriculture, food choices, nutrition, and economic and social well-being on
campus and beyond. Specifically, she: 

Dr. McCabe is a Professor of Law and Director of Accreditation and Academic Integration at the UNH Law School. Her primary teaching focus is to provide students with the analytical and writing skills essential to successful practice. To accomplish this goal, she engages students in critical thinking about how law affects society, and in particular, food systems and economic policy. In her courses on legal writing, agriculture and food law, and administrative procedure, she uses challenging public interest issues to teach effective practice skills. Her current work-in-progress analyzes the relationship between federalism and American food system reform. Professor McCabe has practiced law in New Hampshire for 15 years and taught law at the University of New Hampshire School of Law for 10 years. She is a member of both the New Hampshire and the Maine Bar.


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