Leadership in Higher Education


The State of Sustainability in Higher Education 2016: The Life Cycle of Higher Education Facilities
Sightlines & The Sustainability Institute


Toward a nitrogen footprint calculator for Tanzania
Hutton, MO, JN Galloway, AM Leach, A Leip, M Bekunda, C Sullivan, & JP Lesschen
Environmental Research Letters

Beef and coal are key drivers of Australia
Liang, X, AM Leach, JN Galloway, B Gu, SK Lam, D Chen
Scientific Reports

Nitrogen footprints: Regional realities and global connections for reducing anthropogenic nitrogen losses to the environment
Shibata, H, JN Galloway, AM Leach, LR Cattaneo, L Cattell Noll, JW Erisman, B Gu, X Liang, K Hayashi, L Ma, T Dalgaard, M Garversgaard, D Chen, K Nansai, J Shindo, K Matsubae, A Oita, M-C Su, S-I Mishima
DOI 10.1007/s13280-016-0815-4

Differences in environmental impact and food expenditures of four different plant-based diets and an omnivorous diet: Results of a randomized, controlled intervention
Turner-McGrievy, GM, AM Leach, S Wilcox, EA Frongillo
Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition
11: 382-395

Annual Report
The Sustainability Institute

The State of Sustainability in Higher Education
Sightlines & The Sustainability Institute


Annual Report 
The Sustainability Institute


Integrating Sustainability into Business Curricula: University of New Hampshire Case Study
Barber, N., Wilson, F., Venkatachalam, V., Cleaves, S., and Garnham, J.
International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education


The Sustainable Learning Community: One University's Journey to the Future


Embracing Sustainability
Mark W. Huddleston
Guest perspective on Solutions for our Future.org


Virtuous Globalization
Tom Kelly
Part of the UNH University-wide Dialogue on Globalization


Building a Sustainable Learning Community at the University of New Hampshire
Tom Kelly
Association of University Leaders for a Sustainable Future

What is Sustainability?
Tom Kelly
NH Forum

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventories

WildCAP, Climate Action Plan


UNH Recycled Paper Initiative Report Summary and Recommendations
UNH Recycled Paper Initiative Coalition


Building a Sustainable Learning Community: 1997-1998 Academic Year Annual Report
UNH Office of Sustainability Programs