Dr. Jim Haney, Former Biodiversity Education Initiative (BEI) Faculty Fellow

Dr. Jim Haney, UNHSA Biodiversity Education Initiative Faculty FellowDr. James Haney was a UNHSA Biodiversity Education Initiative (BEI) Faculty Fellow from 2010-2012. He remains an active participant on the UNH Ecosystem Task Force (EcoTF). A professor in Biological Sciences (UNH College of Life Sciences & Agriculture), as BEI Faculty Fellow Dr. Haney advanced activities across curriculum, operations, research and engagement (CORE) in biodiversity and ecosystems -- work that integrates with and complements the College of Life Science’s and Agriculture organizing focus in Natural Resources and the Environment. This work included co-chairing the UNH Ecosystems Task Force comprised of faculty, staff and students across campus and and sitting on the UNHSA Collaborative Council to help guide the direction of BEI and the UNHSA as a whole.

Dr. Haney's scholarship focuses on food web relationships of freshwater communities, the role of diel rhythms, and comparative limnology of temperate, tropical and arctic regions. He currently has research projects in three areas of freshwater ecology: 1) cyanobacteria and biotoxins in lakes; 2) trophic interactions and diel behaviors of aquatic invertebrates; and 3) lake management and the factors regulating water quality in New Hampshire lakes.


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