Incentive Funds Available for Scholars' Repository Participation


The goal of the Open Access Incentive Fund is to increase the awareness of, and skills related to open access publishing. In addition, this incentive program will help to increase knowledge and skills related to using the University of New Hampshire Scholars’ Repository ( The Scholars’ Repository provides a central location for archiving UNH scholarship for long-term access, promotes the rights of authors to control their intellectual property, and furthers the concept of Open Access to research. This program will raise awareness among faculty, staff, and students of open access publishing as an emerging mode of scholarly communication. It will also help foster a campus culture of considering open access when choosing a publishing venue. The expectation is that there will be an increased number of users of the Scholars’ Repository as a result of this two-year incentive program. The Open Access Incentive Fund is made possible by a collaboration between the UNH Sustainability Institute and University Library.

Proposal Details

  • There is $10,000 in the incentive fund. Another $10,000 will be available next year.
  • The incentive is $200 per person for submitting ten full-text scholarly or creative works to the Scholars’ Repository. These may include previously published open access papers or those accepted for publication, eligible preprints* of publications, and up to two unpublished works (e.g., technical reports, conference papers, audio or video recordings). Determining compliance with relevant copyright and publisher’s policies will be part of the submission process.
  • The submission deadline is rolling and funds are available on a first come, first serve basis.

*Depending on the publisher’s policy, eligible preprints may include the author’s original manuscript submitted for publication, or a corrected manuscript that has been through the peer- review process.

Who is Eligible?

  • Any UNH faculty, staff, or student (from all three campuses) who has ten scholarly or creative works to upload to the Scholars’ Repository.


  • Attend up to two hours of training about open access publishing options, authors’ rights, and how to use the Scholars’ Repository

  • Submit ten scholarly or creative works to the Scholars’ Repository. Previous repository submissions may be included in this program if new full-text versions are added.

  • Identify two potential open access options for future publications.

  • Communicate your experience with this program to college or school colleagues via a department meeting, blog, other gathering, etc.


Click here for the application.

More information

For more information on this opportunity, contact Eleta Exline (, Scholarly Communication Librarian.