2020 Sustainability Fellowship & Social Innovation Intern Application

Thanks for your interest in applying for a Social Innovation Internship or Sustainability Fellowship. Need more information before you’re ready to apply?  Check out:

What’s the difference between a Social Innovation Internship and a Sustainability Fellowship?

Sustainability Fellowships: 

Social Innovation Internships: 

Note:  Social Innovation Internships are open to UNH students, and Sustainability Fellowships are open to students from any college or university.  UNH students may choose to apply to both programs and may do so by submitting one application. 

Application Instructions: 

  • Review the program information above to understand the eligibility requirements, selection timeline and process, obligations, and benefits. 
  • Review the list of 2020 Sustainability Fellowship Projects and/or 2020 Social Innovation Internship Projects;  determine which projects are of interest to you, and a good match for your background and skills.  You may apply for up to 3 Fellowships and up to 5 Internships.  Applicants who apply for more than 3 Fellowships or more than 5 Internships will not be considered.  
  • Assemble your application materials:

Consider using resources from the UNH Career and Professional Success webpages

COVER LETTER: Prepare a unique cover letter for each Fellowship/Internship for which you would like to apply (up to 3 Fellowships and 5 Internships).  In your cover letter, indicate exactly which project you are applying for, using the complete name of the project and organization/company as it is listed on the Projects webpage.  Use your cover letter to explain why you think your experiences, skills and background relate to the project as you understand it (based on the project description.)  The best cover letters not only express enthusiasm for the project or general passion for the topic; they draw a clear line between the skills and attributes you bring to the position and the needs of that project. 

RESUME:  Prepare one resume that highlights your background relative to the Internship(s)/Fellowship(s) for which you plan to apply. 

REFERENCES:  List three academic, professional, or volunteer references who can speak to your specific skills and experiences, as well as your ability to work independently, synthesize ideas, communicate well, collaborate among diverse groups, and adapt to new situations.  For each reference, include their title, organization, and preferred contact information (phone and/or email).  (Letters of Recommendation are not required.) 

WRITING SAMPLE: (Mandatory for Fellowship Application, Optional for Internship Application):  Select a 1-2 page writing sample from your academic or professional work.  In asking for a writing sample, we are simply trying to gauge your skill in written communication.  When you select your writing sample, it is not necessary to demonstrate knowledge of relevant content, but more important to show off your ability to communicate.  Since different projects might require writing for different audiences, be strategic in choosing something that demonstrates your ability to communicate in a style that is most relevant to the project.  For example, for a research project, you may want to share an academic sample, but for an outreach project, you may want to choose something geared for the general public.  If you want to include more than one writing sample, you may include two one-page samples.  Excerpts from longer pieces are fine and can include an explanatory note. 

APPLICATION PACKAGE:  Combine your materials into a single PDF in this order: 

  1. Cover letter(s): If submitting more than one, order letters according to preference. 
  2. Resume 
  3. References 
  4. Writing sample 

Name your PDF as follows:   FirstName_MiddleName_LastName_2020.pdf  
Ex.1 Jane Doe would name her file “Jane_Jill_Doe_2020.pdf.”  

  • Complete the application below, upload your materials to this application, and submit.  Everything must be completed in one sitting, so get your materials ready before you answer the application questions.  
  • Application deadlines are: 
    • February 12, 2020 (extended!) for Sustainability Fellowships 
    • February 16, 2020 (priority deadline) or March 1, 2020 (final deadline) for Social Innovation Internships 
    * Please select no more than 3 Fellowships and/or 5 Internships for which you would like to be considered. If you are not applying for a Fellowship, please select #20 (not applying).
    * Please select no more than 3 Fellowships and/or 5 Internships for which you would like to be considered. * If you are not applying for an Internship, please select #24 (not applying).
    Cover letter, resume, list of 3 references and SHORT writing sample (2 pages max) uploaded as single PDF.
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