Energy Task Force Membership

Membership in the ETF is voluntary and the ETF seeks to include representatives from all of the University’s Curriculum, Operations, Research & Engagement (CORE) activities. ETF members should expect to attend monthly meetings, serve as needed on ETF subcommittees/work groups, report on the activities of the membership and plan for upcoming tasks.


  • Bill Janelle, Associate Vice President for Facilities and Operations


  • Sue Bennett, Facilities
  • Colleen Flaherty, Sustainability Institute
  • Tat Fu, College of Engineering and Physical Sciences
  • Rick MacDonald, Business Affairs
  • Michael Durkin, Purchasing 
  • Henry Herndon, Graduate Student
  • Tom Kelly, Sustainability Institute
  • Adam Kohler, Energy Office
  • Kelly McAdam, Cooperative Extension
  • Clay Mitchell, College of Life Sciences and Agriculture
  • Matt O'Keefe, Energy Office
  • Stephen Pesci, Campus Planning
  • Jon Pistey, Whittemore Center
  • Beth Potier, Communications and Public Affairs
  • Stephen Rivard, Housing
  • Dirk Timmons, Transportation Services
  • Professor Cameron Wake, Institute for Earth Oceans and Space


  • Jenn Andrews, Sustainability Institute