Ecosystem Task Force (EcoTF)


The UNH Ecosystem Task Force (EcoTF) examines sustainability issues related to land use, development, and ecosystem management. The overarching goal of the EcoTF is parallel to that of the UNH Energy Task Force: to serve in an advisory capacity to the UNH President and be responsible for making recommendations on the full range of issues that relate to land use, landscaping, ecosystem health, biodiversity and development. Recommendations will be formulated taking into account the teaching, research and engagement mission of the university, its core value of sustainability, and its long-range Master Plan, including the Landscape Master Plan contained therein.

Charge of the Ecosystem Task Force

In particular, the EcoTF is charged with:

  • Developing a long-term plan for sustainable management of biodiversity and ecological integrity of UNH lands including the core Durham campus.
  • Developing tools for assessing, evaluating and managing ecosystem function and services within the Oyster River and Lamprey River Watersheds including approaches to landscape design and management in support of the Campus Landscape Master Plan and in accord with knowledge and best practices of sustainable ecosystem management.
  • Identifying mechanisms that support professional development opportunities for UNH faculty/staff to contribute to the goals of the EcoTF including related curriculum, research, operations and engagement activities.

The EcoTF complements and integrates the work of related UNH groups including the: