Dr. Susan Curry, Former Culture & Sustainability Faculty Scholar

Dr. Susan Curry, UNHSA Culture and Sustainability Faculty FellowDr. Susan Curry was a UNHSI Culture & Sustainablity Faculty Fellow. In this role, she provided leadership to engage the University community in efforts to bring the knowledge and creative inquiry of the liberal arts and humanities to bear on sustainability. Specifically, she: 

  • Lead the UNH Culture and Sustainablity Discussion Group, including conceptualizing the discussion series and leading discussions. The group was co-sponsored by the UNH Center for the Humanities.
  • Assisted with the development and selection of proposals related to culture and sustainability as part of the Liberal Arts & Sustainability Faculty Grant Program. Dr. Curry was a successful recipient of a 2010-2011 Liberal Arts & Sustainability Curriculum Development Grant.

A lecturer in the UNH Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures (Classics), Dr. Curry teaches classes in the Classics. She is currently developing a new course titled “Sustaining Ancient Rome: The Ecological Costs of Empire.”