Culture & Sustainability Initiative (CAS)

Liberal arts and the humanities are crucial to sustainability. UNH's Culture and Sustainability Initiative (CAS) brings the knowledge and creative inquiry of the liberal arts and humanities to bear on sustainability by working with faculty, staff, students, and outside partners to develop programming in the following broad areas:

  • Cultural heritage: Investigating how cultures sustain themselves, how they decide what is worth sustaining, cultural heritage, etc.
  • Creating a culture of sustainability: Investigating what encourages behavioral changes toward sustainability and ways we can foster those changes.
  •  Multigenerational conversation of sustainability: past, present, and future must all be considered.
  • “Investigating Sustainability”: Inquiry into the development of the term(s), how it is used, what it means, etc.

Other topic areas include celebrating and promoting creativity and the arts, democratic participation and citizenship, sustainable community development, and social justice.


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