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Introduction to SIMAP™

We are excited to announce that  SIMAP (Sustainability Indicator Management and Analysis Platform) will replace the Excel Campus Carbon Calculator for U.S. and Canada and the online CarbonMAP tools. The redesigned and expanded SIMAP will offer campuses a simple, comprehensive, and affordable online tool for measuring, calculating, and reporting their carbon and nitrogen footprints. The mission of SIMAP is to continue to help institutions, colleges, and universities track their footprints so they can meet their sustainability goals as effectively and efficiently as possible. 


UNH has been a leader in the campus sustainability community and recognized for our progress towards carbon neutrality and  increased resilience as a Climate Commitment Charter and Honor Society Signatory of the Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitment. As part this work, we have been collaborating with University of Virginia to include their Nitrogen Footprint Calculator supported by EPA and with Second Nature, the non-profit facilitating the Climate Leadership Network. We are working to align SIMAP with the goals and reporting needs of signatories, as well as broader needs of higher education institutions. Signatories will be able to access useful features such as direct export of inventory data to the reporting platform, and will receive access to SIMAP at a substantial discount.

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SIMAP Training Presentation 11.30.2017 

SIMAP Training Presentation 10.26.2017 

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What is the Campus Carbon Calculator?

The Campus Carbon Calculator (CCC) is a tool to help organizations determine how much they are contributing to global climate change, and how they can manage their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions better.  The CCC was originally developed by the former non-profit Clean Air - Cool Planet and the Sustainability Institute at UNH in 2001 and released to the public in 2004. Usage grew from a few dozen early adopters to nearly 200 users during the first year. Today, thousands of institutions in the U.S. and abroad use the Calculator to track their institutional greenhouse gas emissions, including more than 90% of the U.S. colleges and universities that publicly report their emissions. In 2014, the Sustainability Institute at UNH assumed ownership of the Calculator and CarbonMAP. The CarbonMAP tool will be retired on January 31, 2018 and users will transition to SIMAP. 

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