Dr. Joanne Burke, Ph.D., R.D., L.D., Thomas W. Haas Professor in Sustainable Food Systems

Dr. Joanne Burke, UNHSA Food & Society Faculty FellowDr. Joanne Burke is the Thomas W. Haas Professor in Sustainable Food Systems at UNH. In this role, Dr. Burke provides leadership to engage the
University community in efforts to advance sustainable agriculture, food
choices, nutrition, and economic and social well-being on campus and beyond. Specifically, she:

A Clinical Associate Professor in Nutrition (UNH College of Life Sciences & Agriculture) and Director of the UNH Dietetic Internship Program, as Dr. Burke's work integrates with and complements the College of Life Science’s and Agriculture organizing focus in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems. She teaches NUTR 401: Perspectives in Practice, NUTR 600 –Field Experience, NUTR 780 - Critical Issues in Nutrition, NUTR 720 - Community Nutrition, NUTR 929 - Intro into the Dietetics Profession and Practice, and NUTR 930 – Food Service Community and Research in Dietetics. Her areas of interest focus on community nutrition with an emphasis on food system capacity, food security and food system sustainability, food and nutrition practices, social justice, and the integration of research into the dietetics and nutrition curriculum. Her previous work has included research on carotenoid intake and macular pigment density as well as investigations of college-age students nutrition practices and health status. As a faculty member of the UNH Sustainable Food System Task Force, she is involved in on-going collaboration on a comprehensive assessment designed to examine the food, nutrition and agriculture environments and practices of the University community. In spring 2011, Dr. Burke worked with an FSNE graduate assistant and the UNH Dietetic Interns to advance an UNH Engaged Scholars Academy project called “Voices from the Field.”  

In 2013, Dr. Burke received the Hunger and Environmental Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group’s prestigious Excellence in Hunger and Environmental Nutrition Award.

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