New Recycling Rules!

October 08, 2018

Written By: Sofia Rodriguez, Senior Outreach and Engagement Intern

Do you ever find yourself standing at a recycling bin and wondering, “which bin should I put this in” or “is this even recyclable”? You are not alone; a lot of people second-guess themselves when recycling! To make it even more confusing, there are new recycling rules for 2018.  These new guidelines are a reflection of China limiting the amount of recycling they will be importing.  

An easy way to avoid dealing with recycling is to create less waste. Remembering to bring reusable bottles is an easy way reduce waste.  Saying no to single-use items that would otherwise end up in the landfill is something everyone can do, immediately.

Why recycle?

Recycling is an easy act that anyone can do to be apart of creating a more environmentally friendly world. Recycling has many benefits such as saving space in the landfill, conserving resources, saving energy and saving water. Have you ever thought of your plastic bottle as a resource? Well it is! Paper and cardboard come from trees, plastics from oil, metal from rocks and glass from sand. Recycling these products means that we don’t have to dig into our resources to create more stuff. If we all choose to reduce, reuse and recycle, less waste will end up in our waterways and landfills. 

Recycling is important! To make recycling easier for yourself, remember these rules:

Rule #1: 

At UNH, we recycle:

  • Plastics #1, #2, and #5 (look at the bottom of your container)
  • Aluminum cans
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Cardboard and paper bags
  • Magazines, newspapers and office papers. 

Rule #2:

Rinsing out your recyclables will go a long way! If the recyclable products are not rinsed, they will be considered contaminated and the whole recycling bin could end up in the landfill. Cleanliness is important.

Rule #3:

Remember to make sure that you empty out the recyclable materials and separate them from plastic bags. Plastic bags are not recyclable and can shut down an entire recycling facility. Be responsible for yourself and your fellow wildcats by keeping plastic bags out of recycling. To recycle plastic bags, there are collection stations at the grocery store.  





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