2014 Climate Fellowships Announced: Applications Due March 17!

March 10, 2014

Written By: Sara Cleaves


2014 UNHSI Climate Fellowships Announced


We are excited to announce this year's Climate Fellowship opportunities! The UNHSI Climate Fellowship Program -- formally the Clean Air - Cool Planet Climate Fellowship Program -- pairs outstanding graduate students or recent grads with important projects that will propel the US toward a low-carbon future. Fellows spend 10 weeks during the summer working on meaningful, challenging projects at UNHSI or with our partners. In return, Fellows receive a $6000 stipend, as well as supervision, mentorship, and unique networking opportunities. 2014 Fellows will join a growing group of more than 50 Climate Fellowship program alumni, the vast majority of whom have remained in environmental/energy fields. The positions below run from the end of May through mid-August:

  • Climate Solutions New England (CSNE) Impacts. The New England Climate Impacts Fellow will help conduct a new analysis of climate impacts data from across the region.
  • Climate Solutions New England (CSNE) Economics. The New England Climate Economics Fellow will help conduct a new analysis of innovative economic approaches to climate mitigation.
  • Energy Maine Trust Fellow. The Energy Efficiency Fellow will work with the Efficiency Maine Trust to evaluate the energy savings achievable through communicating and utilizing interval data available with recently installed smart grid technologyEnergy Maine Trust Fellow.
  • Food Solutions New England (FSNE). The New England Food Vision Fellow will work with Food Solutions New England and its sister initiative Climate Solutions New England (CSNE) to build upon preliminary research on a climate analysis of the New England Food Vision data.
  • Montana Impacts. The One Montana Climate Impacts Fellow will research, document and annotate all extreme weather events that led to water crises/disasters in the Rocky Mountain west and southwest over the past fifteen years.
  • Montana Resiliency. The One Montana Resilience Fellow will inventory past, current and planned water adaptation efforts in Montana so as to provide critical data for Montana conservation districts and watershed councils.
  • Bridgeport Communications. The Bridgeport Sustainability Communications Fellow infuse technology into the process by which the City tracks the results of sustainability initiatives.
  • Greenovate. The Boston Greenovate Transportation Fellow will support outreach, communications, and analytical work for the Transportation Departmentport to help meet the city's greenhouse gas emission reduction goals.
  • Bridgeport Monitoring. The Bridgeport Species Monitoring Fellow will track development of species noted in the Threatened and Endangered Species Monitoring Program to ensure that these species cohabitate with human disturbances as part of the City's ongoing Climate Resilience efforts.
  • Private Sector Climate Preparedness (NJ). The Private Sector Climate Preparedness (NJ) Fellow will conduct a literature search (peer reviewed and grey literature), interviews with business leaders, and a review of corporate governance recommendations (e.g., CERES) that relate to climate preparedness.
  • Ecosystem Services (NJ). The Ecosystem Services (NJ) Fellow will conduct a literature survey (peer reviewed and grey literature) to identify specific cases of policy at the state and local level in the U.S. where an economic value was placed on ecosystem services and then specifically integrated into decision and policy making with a particular lens on climate preparedness and adaptation policy making.

The transition of the Climate Fellows Program to UNH and the 2014 Climate Fellows Program itself are made possible thanks to the creation of the Ted Smith Fund for the Next Generation of Environmental Leaders, which honors the extraordinary legacy of one of Clean Air - Cool Planet's founding board members, Ted Smith.


Questions? EmailJennifer Andrews at UNHSI.





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