Pleased to announce our new Thomas W. Haas Professorship in Sustainable Food Systems

January 11, 2013

Written By: Sara Cleaves

We are excited to announce another generous and insightful gift to our office.

This week, we announced a $1 million gift to our office to establish the Thomas W. Haas Professorship in Sustainable Food Systems. The gift from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation was generated from a donor-advised fund established by Durham philanthropist Tom Haas.

The focus of the Haas professorship will be on leading Food Solutions New England, a public-private partnership that promotes collective action to achieve a healthy, prosperous, just and sustainable food system in New England. Food Solutions New England is currently providing intellectual leadership to the development of statewide and regional sustainable food system plans.

“Tom Haas has steadily built a pattern of philanthropy that is always timely and impactful,” said Tom Kelly, our director. “His grasp of sustainability and the critical role sustainable food systems play for long-term quality of life is unique and has led to a series of critically important gifts, including the Haas professorship, that will enable scarce faculty resources to focus on long-term network design and planning for our state and regional food systems. This is a great gift not only to those whose work will be enabled, but also for future generations of Granite Staters and New Englanders.”

Thank you, Tom Haas. Much like our good friend Joanne Lamprey, who recently gave us a gift to create the Joanne A. Lamprey Fellowship in Climate and Sustainability, we are inspired by your vision and your generosity. It's gifts like these that help UNH expand our leading edge sustainability work -- the kind of work we need to respond the challenges we face globally.

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