Eating Local

April 14, 2011

Written By: Tom Zakarian

I thought I'd show you an article I enjoyed about the future of Earth's food and where it comes from. The article from talks about why industrial agriculture, is not necessarily the only way that we can support ourselves in the future, unfortunately, it is commonly believed to be. Check out the original article here.

I feel that this is one of the great issues of our time, and because it is almost invisible it is an easy problem to avoid. I'm sure many of you know about all of the problems that industrial agriculture creates in our world and the stresses it puts on so many resources ( and if you don't try a quick google search), so why does it continue?

Well I am proud to say that here at UNH, and the in the NH region in general, there are many programs and groups that help to support this belief, and why shouldn't there be? Groups are working hard to change that and although I couldn't possibly list all of them here, a few include UNH's Sustainable Agricultural Program, COLSA, the UNH Cooperative Extension, Slow Food UNH, and of course Food Solutions New England. There are countless others and every contribution towards this movement must be supported. Under the "likes" on the UNH Sustainable Facebook page you can find many others in the surrounding region.  If you haven't yet, be sure to check out the videos, pictures and blogs from the New England Food summit that met just a few weeks ago!

Whenever I can I go for a bike ride and explore the countryside surrounding Durham. It seems everywhere I go I am surrounded by farmland. There is nothing better than being able to pick up a carton of eggs produced from a local farm, but it makes me sad to to think at how many things are imported and exported from around the country, when so much is right here. So don't forget to check out a NH Farmers Market near you!


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