Waste Processes at UNH

UNH Offices Involved

Waste management at UNH is overseen by a number of different UNH offices all working together to create an integrated approach.

  • UNH Facilities: Oversees UNH's non-regulated waste and recycling collection through a contract with Waste Management. Also brings leaves from UNH grounds to Kingman farm for UNH's compost program. For more information about recycling everyday items like paper and comingled containers, contact UNH Facilities at (603) 862-1437.
  • UNH Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS): Ensures compliance with applicable state and federal health, safety and environmental regulations and campus policies on environmental health and safety. Oversees how UNH handles hazardous, biohazardous, radiological, and universal waste (which includes some batteries, lamps, antifreeze, cathode ray tubes, pesticides and mercury containing devices). Co-chairs UNH's Integrated Waste Management Group.
  • UNH Campus Planning: Approved a standard outdoor recycle container. Works with the UNH Space Allocation, Repairs and Renovations Committee (SARRC) and Central Budget to get annual funding for new containers, and plans install locations.
  • UNH Housekeeping: Ensures a safe and clean environment in buildings on campus, including putting in place and expanding UNH's green cleaning program.
  • UNH Dining: Oversees the "front-end" of UNH's compost program, including technology like pulpers used in dining halls and pickup and transfer to Kingman Farm of food scraps.
  • UNH College of Life Sciences & Agriculture: Oversees the "back end" of UNH's compost program, including managing the compost windows and bagging and selling "UDOO" -- the final compost end product.
  • Sustainability Institute at UNH: Partners with all of the above offices to educate the campus community about how reducing waste, handling wate properly, composting and recycling fit into the bigger picture of sustainability.


Note: all data are estimates only.

FY08-09 UNH Integrated Waste Management Report