Sustainability Dual Major

  • UNH Archaeology Students
  • UNH Students in Class
  • Sustainability Fellows

What is the Sustainability Dual Major?

The undergraduate Sustainability Dual Major provides an innovative pathway for emerging leaders to gain the skills and knowledge needed to be agents of change in a complex, ever-changing global environment. Students from any UNH college or major can pair the Sustainability Dual Major with the first major.  From local to global, you’ll learn to analyze, evaluate, critique, and create new ideas and models around sustainability. 

Why should I enroll?

As a cross-disciplinary field of study and practice, you’ll make connections across issues of science and ethics, policy and technology, and culture and history to better understand and take action on pressing issues of our time.

  • Study grand challenges in a flexible format
  • Apply your principles and passions to your academic work
  • Add value to your primary major
  • Work collaboratively across disciplines with students and faculty
  • Develop skills needed to create sustainability solutions in any profession
  • Prepare for a career in the expanding sustainability field
  • Hone your leadership abilities to help create a better world