About the Sustainability Dual Major (SDM)

The field of sustainability explores the ways in which we maximize both environmental and social well-being while solving complex challenges. Solving real-life problems require the skills and perspectives of people from multiple disciplines and backgrounds. A dual major in sustainability teaches you how to think about these systems, identify relevant environmental and social issues, and become agents of change in a complex world.

A dual major at UNH is paired with a primary major. The sustainability dual major is designed to work for any student at UNH. It is a university-wide program. It enables you to apply the skills and knowledge of your primary major to address the grand challenges of sustainability.

You will learn to:

  • Describe and recognize sustainability
  • Understand the ecological and social foundations of sustainability
  • Examine specific grand challenges of sustainability, such as climate change, agriculture, and energy
  • Analyze sustainability case studies at local, regional and global scales
  • Engage with the challenges of sustainability at the UNH campus
  • Work in interdisciplinary teams
  • Apply a systems perspective towards analyzing sustainability problems
  • Explore the role of values and ethics in sustainability
  • Learn how to work with partners in defining problems, producing and analyzing data, and developing solutions
  • Complete a capstone project in sustainability

For more details see the description of the required core courses and a list of electives.

With a sustainability dual major, you are prepared not only for specific careers in sustainability but also to add value to a position within your primary field. For more details, click here.


Degree Requirements: SUST consists of 32 credits, including 3 core SUST courses and 5 electives. 

Students are required to take three (3) SUST courses (in order)

  • SUST 401: Surveying Sustainability – offered every fall and spring semester  (link to a sample syllabus that contains basic info about course objectives and schedule)
  • SUST 501:  Sustainability Perspectives & Methods – offered every fall semester  (link to a sample syllabus that contains basic info about course objectives and schedule)
  • SUST 750: Sustainability Capstone – offered every spring semester

Students must choose five elective courses to complete the remaining 20 credits for the dual major. All SUST majors will take at least one elective from the natural & biological sciences list, and at least one from the social science and humanities list. Approved electives are posted below – and the list is still growing!  

  • Updated list of approved electives