Sustainability Resources

The Green-FIT Project

1) To provide New England fishermen with an objective and scientific assessment of alternatives that may improve their fuel and operational efficiencies

2) To provide a forum where fishermen can share experiences exploring ways to reduce their fuel and maintenance costs

3) To integrate our results with those from other efforts in the region to improve operational efficiency.

The overall goal is for fishermen to lower their fuel and operational costs while reducing their carbon footprint.


Contact: Erik Chapman

The Stewardship Network: New England

The Stewardship Network: New England is a new regional effort to increase the capacity of conservation organizations, agencies, and researchers to engage with volunteers in the care and study of ecosystems, lands and waters. The University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension is leading the effort in New England, expanding the successful work of The Stewardship Network in the Great Lakes region.

Contact: Malin Clyde
Phone: 603-862-2166

The Sustainability Research Collaboratory

The Sustainability Research Collaboratory (SRC) is the primary research pillar of the UNH Sustainability Academy. Its missions is to incubate researcher learning communities that will develop and submit interdisciplinary sustainability science proposals to federal agencies. The SRC accomplishes this mission by facilitating interdisciplinary sustainability science research among faculty from all colleges and institutes.

Contact: Cameron Wake

UNH Healthy Eating Guide

An online guide to help you choose healthy items to eat in the UNH Dining Halls.

Contact: Stacey Gabriel
Phone: 862-4588

UNH Museum

The mission of the University Museum is to develop, maintain, exhibit and interpret historical objects and property that relate to the history of the University of New Hampshire and its alumni. These collections shall preserve the memory of the University's past and perpetuate its traditions and ideals.

Contact: Dale Valena
Phone: 603-862-1081
CORE: Engagement
Topics: Art, Culture

UNH PrintSmart Copier Program

As technology continues to evolve, multifunction copiers (MFD) have become the standard use in today’s business models. Having one machine that prints, faxes, scans, and copies is a great space and money saver. These copiers offer cost-effective, high-performance, high value document management solutions for any office setting. In addition, these copiers deliver a broad range of print, copy, scan, and fax speeds with advanced finishing options. Please contact UNH Printing Services for additional information on multifunction devices.

Contact: Lisa Pollard
Phone: 862-3926

UNH Revolving Energy Efficiency Fund (EEF)

Launched in 2009 with a $650,000 grant from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), UNH’s Energy Efficiency Fund (EEF) has already seen more than $500,000 in energy savings “returns,” including over $250,000 in FY12 alone. The UNH Energy Task Force (ETF) estimates that after a decade, the university will realize about $3 million in energy savings and prevent more than 8,500 metric tonnes of greenhouse gases from being emitted -- the equivalent of over 1,600 passenger vehicles or 19,000 barrels of oil. 

Contact: Matt O'Keefe

UNH Slow Food

Slow Food at the University of New Hampshire is a collective effort to educate students, faculty, and the local Durham community about the production, consumption, and enjoyment of foods that are Good to the senses, Clean for the environment, and sold through Fair practices that support local economies.

Contact: Katarina Gallogly

Wildcat Transit

Public transit services, the University of New Hampshire owns and operates campus-based Connector routes and Public Transit routes within Dover, Newington, Newmarket and Portsmouth. All routes are open to the public!

Phone: 603-862-2328


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