Isle of Shoals Marine Laboratory

The Shoals Marine Laboratory (SML) is located on beautiful Appledore Island, in the Gulf of Maine just 6 miles off the coast of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. This field station caters to undergraduate students interested in focusing on marine topics in their college majors. The Shoals Marine Laboratory is jointly operated by the Division of Biological Sciences at Cornell University and the Marine Program at the University of New Hampshire. SML offers over 20 summer credit courses designed especially for undergraduate students. Shoals courses give you a chance to study marine biology in the marine environment, enjoy small, intense classes of equally dedicated students, learn with students and faculty from across the country, and live on a beautiful Maine island while you're doing it. Course topics include marine: ecology, geology, research, climates and law. For course listings and more information on the Shoals Marine Laboratory, please visit the SML main web page at For information highlighting SML's sustainability efforts on Appledore Island, visit