Transportation demand management programs and policies at UNH


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Wildcat Transit

Public transit services, the University of New Hampshire owns and operates campus-based Connector routes and Public Transit routes within Dover, Newington, Newmarket and Portsmouth. All routes are open to the public!

The Sustainability Research Collaboratory

The Sustainability Research Collaboratory (SRC) is the primary research pillar of the UNH Sustainability Academy. Its missions is to incubate researcher learning communities that will develop and submit interdisciplinary sustainability science proposals to federal agencies. The SRC accomplishes this mission by facilitating interdisciplinary sustainability science research among faculty from all colleges and institutes.

Natural Resources and Earth Systems Science Ph.D. Program

The NRESS Program draws on the University's strengths in environmental and earth sciences, life sciences, social sciences, and ethical and policy studies, and has the following objectives:

To increase our understanding of environmental and natural resource problems and solutions at local, regional, and global scales;

To provide the opportunity for graduate students to pursue interdisciplinary research on the environment;

To stimulate excellence in research and teaching through increased contact between students and faculty in different departments and colleges.

Sustainable Living Undergraduate Minor

Issues of sustainable living involve every aspect of life. Humans are part of, and dependent upon, healthy functioning ecosystems. Sustainable living requires learning to live with ecosystem limits. Students increase their knowledge and awareness of environmental issues and problems, study and apply principles of sustainability, and develop thinking and communication skills in order to help solve complex problems and move humanity toward a more sustainable future.  The minor consists of 20 credits with grades of C- or better, and no pass/fail courses.

Certificate in Sustainability Politics and Policy

The Certificate in Sustainability Politics and Policy is administered by the Department of Political Science Graduate Program, though it can include coursework from a number of other graduate programs. The Certificate is designed to give current graduate students, alumni and others in the community training and analysis on issues connecting environmental and social sustainability, politics and policy making initiatives. Such training is increasingly valuable for careers in the public sector, in non-profit organizations and in the private sector for both smaller and larger companies.