David Kaye - Profile in Sustainability

Department of Theatre & Dance

Many people think of sustainability as encompassing just the sciences. How do you describe the unique relationship between culture and sustainability? 

A sustainable future requires us to ask a fundamental question: what do we really need to live a good life? This is, at its core, a cultural question. Until we truly delve into this answer, a sustainable future will be hard to imagine.

Responsible Governance and Sustainable Citizenship Project (RGSCP)

The Responsible Governance and Sustainable Citizenship Project (RGSCP) is a newly established initiative at the University of New Hampshire that will promote ethics, citizenship, principled leadership, responsible governance and the creation of sustainable institutions. It will provide opportunities for students and citizens of New Hampshire to learn how to be involved citizens and members of ethical, responsible, and productive communities, businesses and organizations by bringing the past into dialogue with the present in order to inform the future.

Tegan O'Neill '14

Class of 2014, Major in Political Science

What will you be doing as an intern at the Sustainability Institute at UNH (UNHSI)?

I am excited to be joining UNHSI as an intern this fall. I will be working on student outreach projects, including blogging, mapping, and finding creative ways to get students and the community involved in UNHSI.