The Sustainability Research Collaboratory

The Sustainability Research Collaboratory (SRC) is the primary research pillar of the UNH Sustainability Academy. Its missions is to incubate researcher learning communities that will develop and submit interdisciplinary sustainability science proposals to federal agencies. The SRC accomplishes this mission by facilitating interdisciplinary sustainability science research among faculty from all colleges and institutes.

Sustainable Agro-Ecosystems Lab With Chinese Academy

The CAAS-UNH Joint Laboratory for Sustainable Agro-Ecosystems Research conducts academic exchanges and cooperate in science and technology research. Its goal is to promote international research in agricultural development and the environment. The laboratory will be located on the campus of the CAAS Institute for Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning (IARRP) in Beijing, and the main UNH partner is the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture.

Center for the Humanities

The Center for the Humanities was established in the College of Liberal Arts at the University of New Hampshire in 1986 to support humanities research by faculty from across the university, representing such fields as anthropology, communication, fine arts, folklore, foreign languages, geography, history, literature, philosophy, religious studies, sociology, and women’s studies.

Organic Dairy Research Farm

The Organic Research Farm at the Burley-Demeritt and Bartlett-Dudley farm properties is operated by the NH Agricultural Experiment Station and College of Life Sciences and Agriculture at UNH. The Farm is managed as an integrated agro-ecosystem which includes all biological, physical and human related components.  As such it offers a platform for research and education across many disciplines. Research priorities are relevant to both organic and conventional farm operations.