Campus Carbon Calculator and CarbonMap

The Campus Carbon Calculator was originally developed by the former non-profit Clean Air - Cool Planet and Sustainability Institute at UNH in 2001 and released to the public in 2004. Usage grew to a few dozen early adopters to about 200 during the first year. Today, thousands of institutions in the U.S. and abroad, have used the Calculator, including more than 90% of the U.S. colleges and universities that publicly report their greenhouse gas emissions.

The Stewardship Network: New England

The Stewardship Network: New England is a new regional effort to increase the capacity of conservation organizations, agencies, and researchers to engage with volunteers in the care and study of ecosystems, lands and waters. The University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension is leading the effort in New England, expanding the successful work of The Stewardship Network in the Great Lakes region.

Responsible Governance and Sustainable Citizenship Project (RGSCP)

The Responsible Governance and Sustainable Citizenship Project (RGSCP) is a newly established initiative at the University of New Hampshire that will promote ethics, citizenship, principled leadership, responsible governance and the creation of sustainable institutions. It will provide opportunities for students and citizens of New Hampshire to learn how to be involved citizens and members of ethical, responsible, and productive communities, businesses and organizations by bringing the past into dialogue with the present in order to inform the future.

Sustainable Development Summer Study Abroad Program in Costa Rica

Immerse yourself in the culture of Costa Rica, a Spanish-speaking, democratic country that has fostered a culture of peace, prosperity and conservation of its unique-in-the-world tropical biodiversity. Experience first-hand the development challenges and opportunities facing Costa Rica. Compare its innovative and successful policies and practices to those of other countries in Latin America and around the world.

The Green-FIT Project

1) To provide New England fishermen with an objective and scientific assessment of alternatives that may improve their fuel and operational efficiencies

2) To provide a forum where fishermen can share experiences exploring ways to reduce their fuel and maintenance costs

3) To integrate our results with those from other efforts in the region to improve operational efficiency.

The overall goal is for fishermen to lower their fuel and operational costs while reducing their carbon footprint.



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