CarbonMAP FAQs

This FAQ contains questions specific to our online tool, CarbonMAP (the Carbon Management and Analysis Platform). For general questions, please see our General FAQ. For questions pertaining to the Excel-based Campus Carbon Calculator, see the Campus Carbon Calculator FAQ.


  • What is CarbonMAP?

The Carbon Management and Analysis Platform (CarbonMAP, found at is a portal that includes the new home of the Campus Carbon Calculator. The web-based Calculator currently includes the Inventory module, which allows you to calculate your school’s greenhouse gas emissions. It uses the same methodology and emission factors as the latest Excel version (v6.9 as of May 2014). The Excel version also includes Projections and Solutions modules, which are currently not yet available in the online version. In the future CarbonMAP will include other greenhouse gas accounting tools and resources, including the Projections and Solutions modules.


  • How much does CarbonMAP cost?

It’s free! Thanks to the generous support of the Verizon Foundation, Dick and Nancy Raines, and the Wallace Global Fund, the Calculator will remain completely free at least through the end of 2014.


  • What are the terms of use?

Review the terms of use here (scroll down to the bottom of the form and click on the "Terms of Use" link; it will bring up a pop-up window.)   A word version can also be downloaded here.


  • I’ve been using the Excel version of the Calculator. Do I have to re-enter all my data if I want to start using the web version?

No, there’s no need to re-enter all of your data! To ease the transition to the web-based Calculator, we have created an “Uploader” tool that will transfer all your input data for you.

Simply log into your account at, navigate to the User Tools then to Setup. Click on the “Upload” tab, which is the last option on the Setup menu, click on “Select File” and browse to find your Excel Calculator file.

The Uploader supports the latest versions of the Excel-based Calculator (versions 6.7-7.0). Make sure that your Excel file is saved as a 1997-2003 workbook (*.xls). If you have been using an older version of the Calculator, you could transfer to the latest version (7.0) using the macros in the Excel workbook, and then use the Uploader to import your data into CarbonMAP.


  • Can I continue to use the Excel Calculator instead?

Yes. We will continue to support the Excel-based Calculator for the foreseeable future.


  • I have registered on the website, but can’t log in. Or, I didn’t receive an activation email.

The website automatically generates a verification email when you register for an account. Check your inbox (and your Spam!) for the email. Click on the link to activate your account. If you did not receive the email, let us know.

You cannot create multiple accounts with the same email. If you have already created an account, but cannot log in, please do not attempt to register for another account. You will get an error message saying that an account already exists. You would also see this error if someone at your institution already created an account using a generic email address such as and you attempt to use the same email address. In this case, if you know who created the account, talk to them and see if they can add you as a “user” with your personal email address. Otherwise, let us know and we will look into it.

A few users have reported successfully using the site for many months, with a sudden inability to login with their credentials. If this has happened to you, email us and we will get on the case.


  • I have forgotten my password. Can you retrieve it for me?

Unfortunately, we cannot retrieve your password. You can, however, have it re-set. Just click the link on the login page.


  • Is it possible to have more than one account per institution?

There should only be one “official” account per institution. The person that checks the “Yes” box next to the question “Are you responsible for completing the official greenhouse gas inventory for your campus?” on the registration page is the official contact for your school.

That person can register additional users on the account and designate their permission level. Currently, the permission level is either “User” (full access) or “Reviewer” (read only). Go to User Tools –> Setup –> Users & Contacts to add another user to your account. You can add as many people as you’d like.

You can also have as many “unofficial” accounts for your school as you want. This is helpful if you want to use the Calculator in the classroom and have each student enter their own data. In this case, have them leave the  “Are you responsible for completing the official greenhouse gas inventory for your campus?” box unchecked. Unless they are added to the primary account, they will not be associated with the school’s official greenhouse gas inventory. The account will be stand-alone, will not include any of your data,  and anything they enter will not affect your results.


  • Could you show me how to use the web-based Calculator?

CA-CP and Sightlines put on an introductory webinar to go over the basic functionality of the CarbonMAP tool. You can view the 90-minute recorded webinar introducing CarbonMAP, or view the webinar slides.

You can also view the slides from the advanced follow-up webinar.

Thank you if you attended any of our webinars. We’ll make announcements about any other webinars through this blog, our website, the Green Schools list serv, and the AASHE Bulletin.

In addition, you can download the User’s Guide.


  • If I change values in the Excel Calculator and want to re-upload it using the “Uploader,” will I have duplicate values?

No, if you upload your file again with new values, the old values will be over-written.


  • Does the Uploader transfer my comments?

No, unfortunately, the Uploader will not transfer any notes or comments. You will have to enter these manually.


  • Can 2 people log in and use the same account simultaneously?

Yes, two people can use the same account simultaneously. However, make sure to save frequently to ensure that you don’t lose your work!


  • How have the commuting inputs changed?

The commuting inputs have changed to track % of trips by mode rather than % of commuters traveling by each mode. Although a subtle difference, the new methodology is more flexible and makes it easier to account for people using multiple modes within a week or school year. 


  • What is the climate zone and how do I find out which one our school is in?

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, climate zones “are groups of climate divisions, as defined by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which are regions within a state that are as climatically homogeneous as possible.”

The climate zones reflect, as it sounds, the climate in your region and are based on the number of Cooling and Heating Degree Days (CDD and HDD, respectively). Although currently not used for any calculations in the Calculator, the climate zones are one characteristic of your school’s geographic location that you can use to benchmark against similar schools. In the future, you may be able to use CarbonMap to benchmark against other institutions based on criteria such as the climate zone, endowment size, physical size, number of students, Carnegie Classification, etc.

You can use either the Excel file or the map to look up which climate zone your school falls under. The Excel file lists climate zone by county if you fall on the border of 2 zones and it’s too hard to tell from the map.